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    Attach a photo of the view and the ticket stub to your reviews.

  3. Claim voucher

    Go to your profile page and redeem a £10 Theatre Token or SeatPlan voucher.

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How to redeem Theatre Tokens

  1. Visit My Rewards and request a Theatre Token.
  2. Add your delivery address via the Edit Profile page so we can post your Theatre Token.
  3. Theatre Tokens will be issued within 14 working days of being requested.
  4. Once you have received your Theatre Token, follow the instructions here to redeem them.
  5. Theatre Tokens are subject to the Society of London Theatre's Terms & Conditions.
  6. If you have problems redeeming your Theatre Tokens please email
  7. SeatPlan reserves the right to delete content, remove points, reject requests and remove Rewards from member accounts at any point and without warning.

How to redeem SeatPlan vouchers

  1. Visit My Rewards and request a SeatPlan voucher.
  2. Vouchers will be emailed to you within 14 working days of being requested.
  3. You can use all or part of the balance on your voucher to pay, or part-pay for theatre tickets.
  4. When you have your voucher visit to choose the show you want to redeem your vouchers against.
  5. Contact Encore Tickets (our voucher supplier) by phone on +44 (0) 207 492 5366 (opening hours are Mon-Fri 8-8 | Sat 9-7.30 | Sun 9-7) or email to redeem your vouchers against your chosen tickets.
  6. Encore will need to know which show, preferred dates & seats you’d like to book along with your voucher number, your name and the email address you received the voucher on for verification purposes. Encore's friendly staff will aim to confirm your selection if available, or offer you alternative options if necessary.
  7. T&Cs: Subject to availability. If your preferred show, date or seats are sold out, we will offer you an alternative option(s). Vouchers are not redeemable online. Please call or email to redeem. When redeeming your vouchers please state the email address that you received your voucher on to verify the voucher. Vouchers are non-transferable. No cash alternative to the voucher will be offered.