You can earn free £10 Theatre Tokens by leaving reviews on SeatPlan. Theatre Tokens can be used in over 200 theatres across the country and will save money on your next show booking. To get your hands on them, just follow these simple steps:

Add Reviews

Add seat reviews for shows you have seen.

Attach Photos

Attach a photo of the view and the ticket stub to your reviews.

Claim Voucher

Go to your profile page and redeem a £10 Theatre Token.

Add a seat review to start earning rewards!

Become London's #1 theatre-goer

Adding reviews will also rank you on the SeatPlan's leaderboard. You can join the race to become the UK's #1 theatre-goer at any time.

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How to redeem your Theatre Tokens

  1. Visit your member profile page to request a Theatre Token.

  2. Add your delivery address via the Edit Profile page so we can post your Theatre Token.

  3. Theatre Tokens will be posted within 10 working days of being requested.

  4. Once you have received your Theatre Token, follow the instructions here to redeem them.

If you’re having problems redeeming your Theatre Tokens please email

Terms and conditions

  1. SeatPlan members will earn £0.40 towards their Rewards balance for each photo they attach to their review, subject to the review being approved by a moderator.

  2. Theatre Tokens will be issued within 10 working days of being requested, subject to the request being approved.

  3. Theatre Tokens are subject to the Society of London Theatre's Terms & Conditions.

  4. SeatPlan reserves the right to delete content, remove points, reject Theatre Token requests and remove Theatre Tokens from member accounts at any point and without warning.

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