Be More Chill at The Other Palace tickets
Be More Chill at The Other Palace tickets

Be More Chill has closed

This show has closed

The new cult musical sensation

Discover your next musical obsession as Broadway hit Be More Chill lands at The Other Palace. Based on Ned Vizzini’s novel, this zany new musical will burrow its way into your head with its irresistibly quirky tale of growing up and fitting in.

Serving up Black Mirror meets Little Shop of Horrors in a high school setting, the show upends a now-classic genre with a sci-fi twist. Desperate to be popular and get the girl, nerdy teenager Jeremy is lured into a pact with the SQUIP – a supercomputer hellbent on taking over the world. As his social status rockets and the SQUIP becomes more controlling, Jeremy learns that the consequences of being cool might be hard to swallow.

Full of fun earworms including "Michael in the Bathroom" and “Voices in My Head”, this new musical has swept up admirers in London and New York already, so make sure to book your Be More Chill tickets and join the fanbase.

A classic “high school never ends” story mixed with subversive, witty humor, Be More Chill at The Other Palace is guaranteed to be an unmissable new cult sensation.

Important information

Playing at: The Other Palace, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA

Performance dates: 01 Jun 2020 - 30 Jun 2020

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (including interval)

Age recommendation: Best for age 12+

Special notice: Please note that Be More Chill has mature themes, mature language, haze and strobe lighting effects.

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This musical probably isn't for everyone and I completely get the comparisons of it being like Dear Evan Hansen meets Little Shop of... More

rikkiONshow 178cm, 352 reviews, 6 helpful votes

I’m probably biased as Be More Chill has been a firm favourite musical since it’s early days, but the London cast are absolutely incredible!... More

sophx 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Fantastic show, would describe as teen interest but it's much more than that. Quirky & funny, great soundtrack and wonderful Neo-like... More

TerriG 165cm, 6 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Such an incredible performance of this show I've been dying to see for so long, and they even brought merch over! I finally got the... More

Jackabie 6"2, 2 reviews, 0 helpful votes

A fun, energetic and youthful show. While not the next Les Mis or Phantom of the Opera, certainly very enjoyable to watch. More

HeyImMark 171cm, 79 reviews, 4 helpful votes

Brilliant show, different to any other musical love it ! The actors fit their roles so perfectly and were lovely at stage door. More

eloiselewis 5"1, 54 reviews, 1 helpful vote

A great transfer from Broadway. Fun and has heart! Great for a teen audience. Good songs and great costumes. More

stevesherwin 6”1, 82 reviews, 2 helpful votes

This is such an amazing, high energy show with such a talented cast. The theatre is very intimate so you really get drawn into the... More

marialourdes 5”5, 1 review, 0 helpful votes

A fantastic show, that essentially is a biography of my early life. Funny, sarcastic and a whole bunch of punchy solo numbers More

neilcrosby 4 reviews, 0 helpful votes