Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace Theatre tickets
Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace Theatre tickets

Billy Elliot has closed

This show has closed


Adapted from the BAFTA, Golden Globe and Oscar Award winning film of the same name, Billy Elliot is now one of the longest running musicals in the West End.

Replicating the on screen success, the musical adaption of Billy Elliot has won four Oliver Awards and nine Tony Awards, with audiences and critics alike hailing the show with praise.

Set in County Durham amid the 1980's miners’ strike, the show tells the tale of a young boy who is coping with life after losing his mother. Like many boys his age, Billy takes boxing classes. One day, after staying late after his session, Billy discovers a ballet class and is curiously attracted to the grace and beauty of the art form. Deciding to stick around and take a dance class, it becomes quite clear to dance teacher, Mrs Wilkinson, that Billy is exceptionally talented.

As his father and brother strike Billy continues his dance training in secret, with only has grandmother knowing of his new passion. As Billy's traditionalist family start to uncover what Billy has really been up to, can they put aside their prejudices and celebrate his talent?

Billy Elliot the musical is written by original screen writer Lee Hall and is directed by the film’s director, Stephen Daldry. Unlike the film, the show contains an entirely original score by pop icon, Elton John. Numbers such as "Solidarity" and "Electricity" have been widely praised as some of the best in the show.

Like the music, the show is also filled with expert choreography by Peter Darling. The choreography to "Expressing Yourself," "Electricity," "The Letter," and "Angry Dance" is truly exhilarating.

Billy Elliot runs at the Victoria Palace Theatre and is a must for all lovers of musical theatre.

Recommended for

All fans of the Billy Elliot film will love this show, as will those who appreciate expert musical theatre.

Please note, Billy Elliot contains strong adult language which may cause offence to some patrons. Therefore the show is not recommended for young children.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for 10+ (bad language)

Dates and times

Running time: 3 hours
Opened: 31 Mar 2005
Press night: 11 May 2005
Booking from: 07 Apr 2016
Booking until: 07 Apr 2016

Location and map

Victoria Palace Theatre
Victoria Street
London, SW1E 5EA

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