Arts Theatre
6-7 Great Newport Street
London, WC2H 7JB
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Opened: 18 Jan 2017
Booking from: 17 Mar 2017
Booking until: 18 Mar 2017
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
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  • fifilou 5"7 female 175 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating Dirty Great Love Story, 10th March 2017
    I liked the show but I didn't love it! The actors where brilliant and the story was quite funny at times. I liked that the two actors switched between roles with ease and they really held the connection with each other through out. I felt like the story was slow to begin with and rushed to get through the end a little but all in all I love this theatre and seeing new plays brought to life. A great short one act show to go to if you're around and want some laughs.
    Sat in Circle R8
    So I had originally asked for a ticket at the end of the row closest to the circle but was given a seat at the end of the row closest to the stage. The view from the seat was pretty good, there are a couple of bars from the light rig in the way but they are thin and didn't prove to be too much of a problem. The sat is classed at restricted but the only thing you miss is the far stage left (right view of the audience) and for this show that didn't matter as everything is based center stage. As for the seat - they are bench style seats, Seat 8 is at the end of the bench. To get in everyone would have to come out of the row so get in there first. There is no room for long legs and I wouldn't recommend taking a bag if you are sitting hear as there is no under seat space. The bench is also in need of some repair as there are splits in the fabric. After an hour and a half I was glad the show had ended so I could get up and move around - for a cheap seat its a great view but I wouldn't sit hear for a long show!
    R8 Circle - Arts Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Circle R8
  • susannahrosemn 5"3 female 113 reviews 3 helpful votes
    100% total rating Dirty Great Love Story, 19th January 2017
    Absolutely loved this production! Not usually a fan of fringe theatre, but this stepped it up a notch. Minimal set allowed for the brilliantly funny dialogue to take centre stage, and Felix Scott and Ayesha Antoine were great. Would have loved to see it with the original actors! Very relevant to modern day daters, friends, couples - everyone really. Would love to see again and recommended to my friends.
    Sat in Stalls C13
    This a perfectly good seat at the Arts Theatre - I have definitely sat in worse at this venue! This row is a few from the front, which may involve some neck-craning as the stage is fairly high. No restrictions from audience members in front though, so you won't miss a thing. Fairly central in the row. Comfort is as expected at this venue - try not to breathe too much as the seats creak chronically. Legroom is pretty decent in this seat. Would sit here again, or in a parallel seat a few rows back.
  • shaun 5"10 male 45 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating Dirty Great Love Story, 19th January 2017
    Written in verse and only a bit over an hour in runtime, Dirty Great Love Story is a hurtlingly frantic story of two twenty-somethings as they begin to reach the cusp of their thirties. Packed full of jokes and hilarious awkward situations, it’s a very relatable depiction of life that is as heart-warming as it is funny. Perhaps could have a bit more depth, but with its fast paced it gets away with just being immensely enjoyable.
    Sat in Stalls C5
    The Arts Theatre is quite small and generally you get a fair good view from the Stalls. With this seat being quite close to the front the stage feels quite high, but not too bad and for this show an angled platform was used to ensure you could easily see the whole stage. Generally quite a comfortable seat and not bad legroom.
  • tp6894 5"11 male 40 reviews 2 helpful votes
    60% total rating Dirty Great Love Story, 11th February 2017
    Dirty Great Love Story was a really nice 90 min play - engaging, funny and brilliantly performed.
    Sat in Circle L7
    Full disclosure: My seat got upgraded so I did not actually watch the show from this seat. This seat is a raised, comfortable bench - with quite enough legroom. I felt that I would be fine sitting here for a full show, comfort wise. View-wise, I'm very happy that my seat got upgraded as it has one of the worst views in the theatre. You would have to lean forward to see well, and would miss action on stage right. I was happy with this seat for the price (£15), but don't think you'd be happy with it if you paid much more.
    L7 Circle - Arts Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Circle L7
The Arts Theatre offers excellent views throughout. The best views can be found in the centre of the Stalls and Circle, as the first few rows in the Stalls are typically restricted due to the height of the stage.

For those who want a good bargain, seats at the rear of the Stalls offer excellent, unrestricted views of the stage – although can be slightly uncomfortable!

Circle Slips are also a brilliant option for those on a budget, but make sure you pick seats 8-14, as they are in the front row.
Arts Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna’s award-winning comedy Dirty Great Love Story made its West End debut at the Arts Theatre. First seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012, and winning a prestigious Fringe Festival Award in the process, Dirty Great Love Story was a hilarious, frank and sharp take on modern relationships.

A cutting take on romantic catastrophes, Dirty Great Love Story follows two hopeless young people as they accidentally have a one night stand after a drunken night out. Packed full of embarrassing moments, painful awkwardness and some genuine snapshots of romance, the play asks whether a one-time thing can really stand the test of time!

Appearing in the original staging of the play, Marsh and Bonna took a step back to allow for other actors in the Arts Theatre run. Both have several credits to their names; Marsh’s one-man play Skittles was commissioned for Radio 4 and his sitcom Richard Marsh: Cardboard Heart featured a cast including Phil Daniels, Jemima Rooper and Russell Tovey.

Bonna had recently embarked on a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe’s Summerhall venue with her popular show All the Things I’ve Lied About, was developing a TV series and was also nominated for Best Actress by The Stage. Dirty Great Love Story was most recently seen Off-Broadway.

Combining poetry, drama, rhythm and rhyme, the wonderfully comic play was perfect for modern day daters! Having began performance at the Arts Theatre London from January 18th and officially opened on January 25th 2017, Dirty Great Love Story played for a limited run until March 18th 2017.
Fans of the little treats that can be found at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will love this production, which brings fringe theatre to the West End. Modern daters or those who are romantically disinclined should also pay the show a visit!

Dirty Great Love Story is suitable for those aged 12 and up.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for age 12+