Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain Part 2 at Garrick Theatre tickets
Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain Part 2 at Garrick Theatre tickets

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain Part 2 has closed

This show has closed

Birmingham Stage Company are back, and this time their history is more horrible and entertaining than ever. Returning with director Neal Foster, Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part 2 arrives at the Garrick Theatre for a gloriously grisly summer stint.

The Horrible Histories franchise is a well-loved and well-oiled machine that evolved from the children’s history books and television programmes. Now the stage show has arrived to teach children in a new, entertaining way. Whilst Part 1 told the tale of Romans, Vikings and Stuarts, Part 2 teaches the audience the gory details of the Black Death, Richard the Lionheart and more in an easily digestible way.

Unlike the traditional way of teaching history, Horrible Histories focuses on telling the slightly naughtier version of events in a more relatable way. 3D effects, puppets and fart jokes galore will ensure all young audience members are captivated by this fast paced and fast-witted performance.

Director Foster performs in the show alongside Lauryn Redding, Anthony Spargo, Timothy Speyer and Alison Fitzjohn. Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part 2 hopes to continue the success of Part 1, which won the praise of critics across the country.

Best seats

As the show is an educational production aimed at children, we would recommend staying in the thick of the action to gain the most from the piece. The best seats to be found in the Garrick are in the middle of the Stalls and in the Dress Circle.

Important information

Playing at: Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HH

Performance dates: 13 Dec 2014 - 04 Jan 2015

Running time: 1 hour

Age restrictions: children 6+

Special notice: Those who loved Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part 1 will love Part 2! This sequel is just as gruesome and educational for youngsters.

The show is aimed at those aged “6 to 106”!

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Great fun, a hilarious two-hander. Great work from the cast members - kept both me and my 8 year old daughter laughing!

alysonhewitt 5"9, 13 reviews, 0 helpful votes

priyamistry 5”4’, 8 reviews, 1 helpful vote