Playhouse Theatre
Northumberland Ave
London, WC2N 5DE
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Opened: 10 Oct 2015
Booking from: 22 Jan 2016
Booking until: 22 Jan 2016
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes
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  • maytebologna 154 female 13 reviews 3 helpful votes
    60% total rating Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, 11th December 2015
    I love Celtic dances and music, by the show felt a bit tacky. Maybe I was way too close and noticed all the details about costumes and scenography, but I still would have wished to see more spectacular dancing than trying to adorn it with costumes that had nothing to do with the Celtics!
    Sat in Stalls C1
    Very good seat, in a small theatre like this you can also benefit from a good view up close without getting the neck ache from looking up at this point of the stalls. Seats are not that wide but still ok.
    C1 Stalls - Playhouse Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls C1
  • samshonk 5"7 female 187 reviews 5 helpful votes
    100% total rating Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, 5th January 2016
    Sat in Stalls G21
    Great legroom and even though a side seat could see everything. I do like the stalls in this theatre.
    G21 Stalls - Playhouse Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls G21
The Playhouse Theatre is fairly intimate with very good sightlines on the whole. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is a phenomenal spectacle that will definitely have impact even in the furthest seats from the stage. If you fancy dancing along, be aware that legroom is generally rated very poorly in the Upper Circle.
Playhouse Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Tradition meets innovation in Michael Flatley’s legendary Irish dance spectacular, Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. This production tells a traditional story from Irish folklore through a variety of performance styles; from dance and ballads to holographs, robots, acrobats, and special effects lighting.
The cast of 40 talented dancers take to the stage for 16 performances only to tell the story of Little Spirit, who flies to the side of the titular Lord of the Dance as he protects his subjects from the dark lord Don Dorcha. The pop-infused Irish folk music by Gerard Fahy carries the story along to its dramatic conclusions in what is the latest incarnation of the Lord of the Dance series.
James Keegan and Morgan Comer reprise their roles as The Lord as Dangerous Games transfers to the Playhouse Theatre. Both dancers hand-picked and personally trained by Michael Flatley specifically for this production. Speaking of the extension of the show’s West End run, Flatley says he is ‘immensely proud’ of what the cast have achieved in this smash-hit that has rarely been off the London stage.
Michael Flatley is a multi-prize-winning Irish dancer, who revolutionised the traditional dance style with his shows Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Celtic Tiger. His talent and unique personality was spotted early on in his career, and since then he has toured the world with his box-office-smashing shows.
This spectacular show is a thrill-ride for all audiences, but especially those with an interest in Irish culture including dance, music and folklore. The narrative is not complicated to follow and children will be swept away by the high-energy movement.