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Machinal at Almeida Theatre tickets

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On 12 January, 1928 Ruth Snyder was executed for murder. The housewife had taken a lover who assisted her with the plan to kill her husband, and it took eight attempts before they succeeded. They tried to frame the killing as a burglary gone wrong, but Snyder’s inconsistencies triggered suspicion in the investigating police officers. The couple were quickly tried and sentenced to death, with Snyder’s electric chair execution making front page headlines the next day.

Snyder’s case was the inspiration for Sophie Treadwell’s expressionistic play Machinal, a play that premiered the same year Snyder was executed by the state. The premiere received mixed reviews, but it has continued to be revived regularly around the world with much success.

The cast features Nathalie Armin, Emily Berrington, Khali Best, Denise Black, Demetri Goritsas, Andrew Lewis, Jonathan Livingstone, John Mackay, Alan Morrissey, Kirsty Rider, Augustine Seymour and Dwane Walcott. Natalie Abrahami directs.

Playwright Sophie Treadwell made a living as a journalist, writing numerous books and plays in addition. Machinal is her most well-known play, and conveys the feminist ideologies that she valued as a Suffragette. Seven of her plays were produced on Broadway during her lifetime, though her work was largely forgotten for several decades, until a prominent revival of Machinal in 1990.

Regarded as a seminal work of American theatre, Machinal was only considered as such well after it was written. This striking, powerful play was no doubt ahead of its time, and remains relevant today. This Almeida Theatre production runs from 4 June 2018 to 21 July 2018, with a press night on 11 June 2018.

Important information

Playing at: Almeida Theatre, Almeida Street, London, N1 1TA

Performance dates: 04 Jun 2018 - 21 Jul 2018

Running time: 80 minutes (without an interval)

Age recommendation: Not suitable for children

Special notice: This is a popular play that invites creative interpretations and staging, and its story of a woman trapped in an unfulfilling life resonates within the #MeToo movement today. Those interested in feminism and American theatre will want to see this production.

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The performances from the cast were excellent, with particular praise to Emily Berrington who delivered an exceptional role. The set,... More

gdeacon95 6'1, 95 reviews, 6 helpful votes

I was more impressed with the technical aspects of this play than the actual writing or the performances. Some very clever use of... More

Jamb0r 178, 184 reviews, 8 helpful votes

There were some good elements to this production and the acting was of a high standard. The staging was impressive but be prepared... More

joc78 5"4, 451 reviews, 7 helpful votes


oughttobeclowns 5'7, 379 reviews, 37 helpful votes


u2fancat 5'6'', 92 reviews, 2 helpful votes


caz83 5’10, 116 reviews, 2 helpful votes


anderri 13 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Good acting, interesting set. But the light effects gave me a headache. More

kwarnock7 5'4, 190 reviews, 0 helpful votes
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