Apollo Theatre
Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 7EZ
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Opened: 20 Oct 2016
Booking from: 28 Jan 2017
Booking until: 29 Jan 2017
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes (including 20 min interval)
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  • susannahrosemn 5"3 female 99 reviews 3 helpful votes
    80% total rating Peter Pan Goes Wrong, 3rd November 2016
    I honestly have not laughed so much as I did with Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Having already seen The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, I was so excited to complete the trio of Mischief Comedy, and this show turned out to be my favourite! Just when you think it can't get any funnier, it does! There's surprise after surprise - you keep thinking they've hit their peak and then they do something else which is even funnier! The choreography is excellent, fast-paced, comedic and with tons of slapstick elements. It's no wonder that Mischief Theatre are taking over the West End when they keep producing shows like these. I also happened to see the same cast I saw in The Play That Goes Wrong, which was great as I got to see the actors play the same actors (it's all very meta). LOVED it.
    Sat in Stalls R16
    This is a decent seat located towards the rear of the Stalls. Behind Row R is a large aisle, which is great for this particular production (Peter Pan Goes Wrong) as it involves some audience interaction! It does, however, mean that the stage seems fairly distant which means details can be difficult to see. No part of the stage is cut off though, and you do get a good panoramic view. Legroom is decent and the seats themselves are fairly comfortable. Would probably sit here again, although I would personally prefer to sit a bit closer.
  • jamesatwill 178 male 53 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating Peter Pan Goes Wrong, 27th November 2016
    I'd already seen (and loved) The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, so only had this one left to go to complete the Mischief Theatre trilogy. As expected, it was absolutely hilarious from start to finish. I took my whole family with me, and we were ranging in ages from 8 to 70 and every single person said their face ached at the end from laughing so much! Very cleverly written, perfect timing and some really clever staging - I really take my hat off to these guys, and I can't wait to see what they do with show number 4!
    Sat in Stalls J16
    This seat was pretty much perfect - ample legroom and great view of the whole stage.
    J16 Stalls - Apollo Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls J16
  • shaun 5"10 male 39 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating Peter Pan Goes Wrong, 3rd November 2016
    Peter Pan Goes Wrong is another hilarious addition to Mischief Theatre’s West End offering. If you’ve seen The Play That Goes Wrong or The Comedy About a Bank Robbery and loved it, then you should expect similar jokes and slapstick here. It offers a nice alternative to a Christmas Panto, giving a genuinely funny twist on the idea. The one downside is that the jokes can get slightly repetitive, especially if you’ve seen The Play That Goes Wrong recently which is incredibly similar. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is probably a slightly better alternative if that’s the case as it is more different in style than the other two.
    Sat in Stalls R14
    The seat isn’t too bad. It is quite towards the back of the theatre but with clear sight lines to the stage and fairly in the centre. The main problem however is that there is little to no rake, meaning that if someone the same height or taller is sitting in front of you, then you can really have a problem seeing the action. This is especially true as unlike many theatres, rows are not staggered, so the person in the seat in front is directly in your eye line. Leg room is average. Overall not too bad, but it would be better to get a seat in the front few rows if possible.
  • fifilou 5"7 female 175 reviews 2 helpful votes
    100% total rating Peter Pan Goes Wrong, 11th December 2016
    Another amazing production from the Mischief company. A real laugh out loud show. Incredible set and staging. The actors are just brilliant and work so well together. I just loved the whole production. A show for all ages and a definite to try with people who wouldn't normally visit the theatre.
    Sat in Stalls A5
    This is the end of the row on the front. The stage is very high so you do have to look up the whole time and by the end it does start to hurt your neck. The view is great, so close to the action, you see every detail and the actors expressions. There is a lot of leg room in the seat, more than when you move towards the middle. The seats are comfortable. A good seat if you want a close up view, sit further back to see the full stage.
    A5 Stalls - Apollo Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls A5
The Apollo Theatre offers very good views throughout. Be sure to sit near the front of the Stalls in order to see every single detail!
Apollo Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Mischief Theatre have returned to the Apollo Theatre London with their smash-hit calamitous comedy Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Following the recent extension of The Play That Goes Wrong as well as the opening of The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, Mischief Theatre are fast proving themselves to be one of the West End’s most creative companies. After a hugely successful run in 2015, Peter Pan Goes Wrong opened in October 2016 for another festive run, after being nominated for Best New Comedy at the Olivier Awards.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong sees The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society return once more in a desperate attempt to deliver their latest production of J.M Barrie’s beloved Peter Pan. Unfortunately the drama society’s journey to Neverland is not as plain-sailing as they had hoped, as set malfunctions, costume disasters and cast disputes halt the production. With plenty of side-splitting gags, unexpected moments and chaotic calamities, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is the perfect Christmas comedy.

Original cast members featured creators Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields alongside Mischief Theatre members Dave Hearn, Charlie Russell, Greg Tannahill and Nancy Wallinger. With this cast moving to the Criterion Theatre to appear in the company’s latest endeavour The Comedy About a Bank Robbery, Peter Pan Goes Wrong includes an entirely new but equally entertaining cast. Previous creative team included director Adam Meggido (Showstoppers! The Improvised Musical), as well as lighting designer Matt Haskins, sound designer Ella Wahlstrom, costume designer Roberto Surace and critically-praised set designer Simon Scullion.

A guaranteed evening of hilarity, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is the perfect festive treat for the family, promising plenty of pranks, mishaps and misadventures. Mischief Theatre’s popular pants pantomime flew into the Apollo Theatre London in October 2016, entertaining audiences until January 2017.
Those who love Mischief Theatre’s other comedies will love this pantomime-like production! If you missed it in 2015, now is the opportunity to see it!

Age Recommendations: Age Recommendation 8+