Prince of Wales Theatre
31 Coventry Street
London, W1D 6AS
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Opened: 25 Feb 2013
Booking from: 23 Sep 2017
Booking until: 06 Jan 2018
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

23 Sep 2017


25 Sep 2017


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29 Sep 2017

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  • bartlett310899 5'8 female 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Book of Mormon, 8th June 2016
    The Book of Mormon is guaranteed to have you howling with laughter! The set, choreography, music and actors all work seemingly effortlessly in harmony to create a show that's guaranteed to have you shedding tears of laughter by the opening number every time! KJ Hippensteel is, in my opinion, the perfect Elder Price. His interpretation of the character is hilarious and lovable despite his faults with his obsession with success and his Disney prince charming personality. I was in awe of his vocals, especially in You and Me (But Mostly Me) and I Believe. Brian Sears is a hilarious Elder Cunningham, the character I instantly fell in love with. His song, Man Up, is my favourite part of the show that has me in stitches every time. It wraps up Act One with bright lights, punk Mormons, smoke effects and Darth Vader. What more could you ask for? It's a hilarious contrast to the rest of the show we've seen so far. At first, I was disappointed that I wouldn't be seeing Asmeret Tyemane as Nabulungi, but Alexandra Ncube blew me away more than I could've ever hoped for! A beautiful and sweet Nabulungi with the voice of an angel. She even had me shed an emotional at her reprise of Hasa Diga Eebowai. However, personally, the real star of the show is the ensemble. Their typical Mormon enthusiasm is infectious and they each bring their own perks to their characters. Sometimes I don't know who to watch! For example, Two by Two and Turn It Off put a spotlight on a few of them and we really learn to love them as individuals. Personally, I'm a big Elder Poptarts fan! Also, we are introduced to the Ugandans with the side spliting Hasa Diga Eebowai, in which we meet key characters like Nabulungi and her father, Mafala. Overall, the Book of Mormon is an incredible experience that blows my mind and sends me away with a stomach ache from laughing so hard every time! Get your tickets now!
    Sat in Circle A23
    The view was perfect! Central and not restricted at all! And closer to the stage than I expected too because it's such a small theatre.
    A23 Circle - Prince of Wales Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Circle A23
  • Anonymous User 4473 reviews 561 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Book of Mormon, 5th December 2016
    The most recent show I've seen is the Book Of Mormon on the West End in London. I thought it was an incredible show, although some parts did leave me wondering how an earth they got away with such things! It is advertised as a satirical musical, and although extremely funny, I believe it does focus on two important issues. It shows Elder Price and his goofy partner Elder Cunningham being sent to Uganda on their mission, a brand new place which neither of them have heard of. Once they arrive, there they see all sorts of horrible things which they are not accustomed to, and this leads Elder Price to doubt his faith. This shows the struggles I imagine are real for Mormons who go on missions, as they believe that they will convert people yet as shown by Elder Price, it is harder than he thought. When expressing his feelings to his fellow Mormons, they suggest that he just represses his feelings in sparkly musical number 'Turn It Off.' Another song which suggests the issues Elder Price faces whilst in Uganda is 'Spooky Mormon Hell Dream,' which I found hilarious but also shows how bad feelings of guilt can be. The second issue I feel the Book of Mormon focuses on is the hardships the Ugandan people face, such as 'poverty, war and famine' expressed in the slightly offensive song 'Hasa Diga Eebowai.' The Mormons try to spread the word of God to help the Ugandan people, and it especially helps Nabulungi who sees a glimmer of hope with what they are saying and depicts Salt Lake City as 'this perfect happy place,' as she imagines it in musical number 'Sal Tlak Siti.' I think this is performed in a great and sensitive way as it shows how many people find religion as a comfort. Towards the end of the production we see many of the Ugandans become Mormons for perhaps the wrong reasons expressed in 'Making Things Up Again,' but it still shows the unity and hope religion can bring to a society and I think this is shown greatly in the final song 'Tomorrow is a Latter Day,' where one of the lines is 'we always stick together come what may.' I would recommend the Book of Mormon as it is very funny whilst also focusing on important issues.
    Sat in Stalls O15
    I had an amazing view of the stage with enough leg room. I could see everything that was happening on the stage, from all of the different variety of songs and dances.
  • ChristineDaae 5'6'' female 11 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Book of Mormon, 19th July 2017
    Book of Mormon is the best show I have seen in ages. It offers everything that a good musical needs and it still surprised me. The Mormons break into song at the most hilarious points in the show and dance like there is no tomorrow. Still, the authors succeeded in making the young Mormon missionaries be sympathetic and relatable. Behind the ridiculous texts in English and African, there is a deeper message, which gives this musical its special touch. Beneath all the glitter and lights and singing the show makes you think about social issues and the meaning of belief in our society AND it makes you laugh so bad that your muscles ache when you leave the theatre. So my best tip is: Give this musical a chance, maybe it can "change your life". To the theatre itself: The staff is very friendly and offers help whenever you need it. There are several sofas where you can sit down during the interval with a drink from the bar. It's also very modern, because the theatre was refurbished recently.
    Sat in Circle C14
    C 14 is a seat from where you have an overview of the whole show. Still, you don't feel like it's too far away. Faces can be seen clearly, the sound is excellent and the legroom is spacious (for a London theatre) as well. There is no bad seat at the Prince of Wales theatre, but with this one I feel like the value for money is extraordinarily good. Also, it is an aisle seat, so you can stretch out into the aisle a bit. The circle is very steep, so you need to keep that in mind when choosing your shoes and for people with walking issues, this is not the right seat. You will have to go quite a few steps down to reach your seat.
    C14 Circle - Prince of Wales Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Circle C14
  • tcodd1 5 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating The Book of Mormon, 15th October 2016
    I saw 'The Book of Mormon' with my partner after winning SeatPlan's August competition. I had been waiting to see the show since it began in London but either didn't have the funds or lost in the ticket lottery... It was a FANTASTIC show! It was definitely worth the wait. I had already purchased the show soundtrack beforehand and really enjoyed listening to it, but I would personally not recommend this. Many of the comedic moments are included on the CD, so if you want the show to be a surprise, then don't listen to it! The full cast was performing, including KJ Hippensteel and Brian Sears as Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. They were both amazing - they had powerful voices and suited their roles well. Others have commented that Sears' performance can be annoying, but I thought he was hilarious! There was plenty of laughter from the audience (the circle was full of large groups, including a Hen party in front of us who seemed to be having a wail of a time) - all of whom were enjoying the show immensely. If you don't mind a bit of satirical humour and are game for a laugh, then you will love this show! I would like to say a MASSIVE 'Thank You!' to for giving me the chance to see the show - it was a fabulous birthday treat! I'd also like to mention Susannah who organised the tickets for our chosen date fantastically well - thank you!!
    Sat in Circle E9
    As many posters have explained before, the Prince of Wales theatre certainly seems to offer a fantastic view from almost any seat! We were sat in E9-10 of the circle, with a slight side-on view to the stage. Despite this, we were able to see everything and all in great detail. The circle of this theatre, although steep, is well positioned, meaning that you don't feel far away unlike in other theatres. The seats were surprisingly comfortable, with nice high backs and enough leg room for belongings etc. I would certainly recommend this seat to anyone wishing to see 'The Book of Mormon'.
    E9 Circle - Prince of Wales Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Circle E9
There really isn’t a bad seat in the recently renovated Prince of Wales theatre which is worth keeping in mind when booking tickets.
Prince of Wales Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone join forces with Avenue Q’s Robert Lopez for this satirical look at the Mormon faith which promises to outrage and entertain in equal measure.

The production opened directly on to Broadway (a rarity in the times of the out of town try out) back in 2011 and was an instant hit. A West End production quickly followed. The show received a staggering nine Tony Awards and four Olivier’s including Best New musical.

Response to the show has been monumental, with critics falling over themselves to sing its praises and it becoming one of the hottest tickets in the West End. The musical has really impressed as, as well as being hilariously shocking, it also perfectly conforms to the style of a traditional book musical.

The plot focuses on Mormon missionary, Elder Price, whose dreams of going to Orlando Florida are cruelly dashed when he is paired with the hapless Elder Cunningham and sent to a remote village in Uganda. In true Mormon style the boys remain optimistic of converting the local population but on discovering that the locals are terrorised by a warlord as well as dealing with poverty, famine and AIDS they realise that their task is going to be harder than they ever imagined.

The show contains more than one reference to Disney’s The Lion King and it takes punches at everything from organised religion to Starbucks in what is an endlessly entertaining ride.

The now familiar score includes stand out songs “Hello”, “Turn it Off”, “I Believe” and “Baptize Me”. The cast album became the highest charting Broadway cast album in over forty years and was even Awarded with a Grammy.

Considered by many to be the funniest musical ever written and equipped with a genuinely uplifting story, this really is one musical you will be wanting to say “Hello” to, so don't miss out and buy your Book of Mormon tickets now.
Although relatively tame by South Park standards, The Book of Mormon is packed full of adult content and bad language that some audience members may find shocking and is therefore recommended that only ages 15 + buy tickets.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for 17+