Playhouse Theatre
Northumberland Ave
London, WC2N 5DE
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Opened: 02 Feb 2016
Booking from: 13 May 2016
Booking until: 14 May 2016
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes (including an interval)
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  • samdee 10 reviews 1 helpful vote
    80% total rating The End of Longing, 1st April 2016
    I chose this show because I enjoy visiting the theatre and it sounded like the type of show I would like: I am also a massive Matthew Perry fan. I found this show to be funny and entertaining. The acting was good and the show kept my attention the whole way through. I think some people go with the preconception that this will be like watching a friends episode and constantly compare it. However, you need to get rid of all your expectations and just sit back and enjoy the play in its own right; it is worthy of a West End play and worth seeing.
    Sat in Stalls A6
    Great view of the stage, you could see all the actors expressions. The legroom was not great, but I think all the seats have the same legroom.
    A6 Stalls - Playhouse Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls A6
  • amyyyy 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The End of Longing, 16th March 2016
    I thought this show was highly entertaining and very moving. The actors were brilliant and it was very well cast. Matthew Perry had written the play in a way that each actor was quintessential to the play and you didn't get the impression that other performances were overshadowed by his presence and stardom. Hats off to him for that ! His final monologue was incredibly moving. The sets were terrific and really took you to the American city. The rythm of the play also was cleverly constructed to represent city life. The humour was similar to the Friends series only to a certain extent. The choice of characters (an alcholic, a prostitute, a depressed pharma corporate employee and a simpleton) made the play far less colourful and far more realistic whilst still remaining incredibly funny. Overall it's well worth seeing.
    Sat in Stalls AA4
    Yes I could see everything. Awesome view.
  • Chen 5"6 female 25 reviews 0 helpful votes
    60% total rating The End of Longing, 15th February 2016
    I enjoyed The End of Longing more than I thought. The draw for this show was Mr Perry, but I was concerned that it would actually be terrible and I would hate every minute but it actually wasn't the case. It was incredible enjoyable, funny and entertaining. The cast were very engaging and the rhythm of the play was fast paced without rushing. I thought it's take on relationships was modern, fresh and believable.
    Sat in Stalls Q12
    This is actually the back row of the stalls, but as it's a small theatre, it doesn't feel that far away. Although I would have liked to have been a touch closer, you could still actually see everything that was going on, and were close enough to see the actors faces.
    Q12 Stalls - Playhouse Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls Q12
  • natlecoq 160cm female 23 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The End of Longing, 19th March 2016
    As written in the title, it was brilliant. Matthew Perry did a very good job on his first play. Of course, you can't help but think of his Friends era while watching the show, as well as the few issues he had encountered in the course of his life. But... All this was used to make something good, something to share with an audience and something where you're torn between laughter, smiles, sadness. A great mixture of emotions.
    Sat in Stalls N15
    I could see all the stage but was also lucky enough to have three empty seats in front of me. The legroom was OK but I've been to theatres that were a bit more comfortable for my 5'4". Other than that, very nice and helpful staff.
    N15 Stalls - Playhouse Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls N15
The Playhouse Theatre offers good views throughout the auditorium. Sit in the front of the Dress Circle or Stalls for the best view. If looking for good views on a budget, sit in the back rows of the Stalls, which offer excellent views.
Playhouse Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Matthew Perry, star of the hugely famous and beloved American sitcom Friends, makes his playwriting debut at London’s Playhouse Theatre. Directed by the prolific Lindsay Posner, The End of Longing is a darkly comic play, based on the universal struggles of turning forty entirely alone.

Set in downtown LA, The End of Longing sees friends Jack and Joseph, and Stephanie and Stevie become irreversibly entangled after a chance encounter at a bar. As they celebrate wildly, the four pair off into unlikely couples which force them to face the more complicated sides to themselves. Whilst Jack struggles with alcoholism, Stephanie must seriously consider her career, and although Stevie is desperate for the perfect family life, she is not entirely convinced that she will find happiness with Joseph. As time goes on, the four soon realise that something in their lives must change.

Matthew Perry stars as Jack, marking his first return to the West End since he featured in Lindsay Posner’s Sexual Perversity in Chicago in 2003. Perry is best-known for his popular role as Chandler in Friends, as well as various film and television credits including Mr Sunshine, 17 Again and his current sitcom, The Odd Couple. Further casting includes Broadway star Jennifer Mudge (The Philanthropist, Rocky) as Stephanie, Christina Cole (Casino Royale, Suits, New Tricks) as Stevie and Lloyd Owen (The Bodyguard, Good People) as Joseph.

Director Lindsay Posner has extensive credits, including Uncle Vanya, The Turn of the Screw and Speed the Plow, which starred Lindsay Lohan. The End of Longing features design by Anna Fleischle, lighting design by Lucy Carter and sound design and composition by Isobel Waller-Bridge. A hard-hitting, yet darkly hilarious comedy, The End of Longing is a relevant rollercoaster ride of emotions which opens at the Playhouse Theatre London for a limited run.
Fans of Friends will find similarities in this sitcom-like production. Those who appreciate American humour will also enjoy this production.

Age Recommendations: Recommended 15+