Phoenix Theatre
Charing Cross Road
London, WC2H 0JG
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Opened: 28 Jan 2017
Booking from: 24 Jul 2017
Booking until: 15 Jul 2017
Duration: 2 hours 45 mins (including interval)
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  • katierose 5"7 female 54 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating The Girls, 19th May 2017
    The Girls is a musical Comedy based on the Feel-good 2003 film The Calendar Girls which starred Helen Mirren and Julie Walters. The musical itself was written by the same screen-writer of the film Tim Firth, and Take That icon Gary Barlow. Based on a true story, It tells the tale of best friends Chris Harper and Annie Clarke. both members of the charitable Rylstone Women’s Institute in North Yorkshire. After Annie’s husband John sadly succumbs to leukaemia, the friends are motivated to take some action in the form of raising money for a new Sofa for the family room in the cancer ward in the local hospital. They convince the group to craft a tastefully nude calendar featuring the usual ladies’ activities of gardening and baking, as photographed by the young amateur Lawrence. Despite the disapproval of the Institute’s leader Marie, the calendar quickly becomes a best-seller and leads to more than the girls expected. This musical is one for all ages, it would be perfect though for a mum and dad date night, or family outing that would be hard to disappoint – making you chuckle throughout – especially at towards the end of Act 2. It sadly however has announced that it will be closing after its 6 month run on the 12th July 2017. Its sad to hear as so many of these new musicals are not gaining the respect they rightly deserved from the public, even with the fantastic reviews. I am so glad I managed to see it before it goes. I have heard however that it is going to tour in 2018, so I may just get the chance to see it again in the near future. I won’t hesitate to say yes. So I highly recommend that you try and catch this beautiful musical before it says goodbye!
    Our view was great, having got these tickets on theatre deals website. The whole stage could be seen, and faces also visible. The only issue is the leg room which can make it a little uncomfortable. But def can't complain about the view!
    C9 Grand Circle - Phoenix Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Grand Circle C9
  • AllThingsStagey 5 ' 4 female 219 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Girls, 9th June 2017
    This show is one of the most unique shows on the West End currently. It is differentBecause it touches a place in your heart Which other shows do not. The theme of the show is based around Subject that everyone has been effected by wether it is through family, themself or friends. The beautiful thing Is it shows us the way of coping with all the bad stuff that comes with cancer and almost helps us get through. Many people have been touched by the show and the beautiful story line. As well as this they have been touched by the actors in it. All the actors and actresses in this show are Phenomenal and show true emotion and understanding of how this show comes across to the public. As well as this the songs are catchy and touch you because they show empowerment, strength and fun. The girls musical is a must see show.
    Sat in Stalls B14
    The view of this seat was outstanding, you could see everything on stage with no restrictions and also you could interact with the characters alot more. The seat was also very comfortable with alot of leg room and also not cramped when sat next to other people. I would highly recommend sitting in this seat.
    B14 Stalls - Phoenix Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls B14
  • AllThingsStagey 5 ' 4 female 219 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Girls, 21st June 2017
    This show is a stunning and heart warming story of togetherness, love and friendship. The music is written by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth and each song has a clear character to it but also fantastic orchestration. The actors themselves are one of a kind all of them are amazing within there own way and have been in the industry for many years but really to bring the story to life. The set is clever and simplistic but also used in many different ways. This beautiful show will be closing on the 15th of July and honestly I beg you to see this wonderful production before it leaves it is honestly one of the best things in the West End currently.
    Sat in Stalls D1
    This seat is marked as restricted but it honestly is not, you see everything happening on stage at all times so I don't get who classed it as restricted! The view is perfectly clear with no obstructions and the seat is very comfortable with a massive amount of legroom. I would highly recommend this seat.
    D1 Stalls - Phoenix Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls D1
  • laurenmaytheatre 5"7 female 338 reviews 7 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Girls, 10th April 2017
    “One more year in Yorkshire”… or should I say “one more year in London please!”. The Girls definitely deserves it’s place at the Phoenix Theatre. Based on the film ‘Calendar Girls’, this heart-warming musical comedy by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth made me laugh, cry, and return in the same week! The heart of the story is a sad one but the emotive songs such as ‘Dare’ and ‘Sunflower’ are inspiring. Combine these with the beautiful set and lots of laughs, The Girls gave me just about every feeling in the book. Fits of giggles quickly wiped away the tears in my eyes. The show received a well deserved standing ovation. I urge everyone to see this uplifting, hilarious, and beautiful musical. I know I’ll be back and that I’ll be leaving the theatre feeling like I can achieve anything I put my mind to with a smile on my face.
    Sat in Stalls A6
    Very good view. The stage is quite high but you don't miss anything, you just can't see their feet if they stand at the back of the stage. There are a couple of brief parts in the show when a trap door is opened in front of this seat so some things are obscured a little while this is open but nothing major. For a £29.50 ticket it's definitely worth sitting here. The legroom is good but not amazing, but I was comfortable.
    A6 Stalls - Phoenix Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls A6
The stalls at the Phoenix Theatre have a good rake, allowing for good views, with even the front rows avoiding too much neck craning. The best seats are in the central section, although most areas of the Stalls will provide good views.

The Dress Circle generally offers good views of the stage, especially from the centre, but Rows A and B can be obstructed slightly by a safety rail, while the Upper Circle does slightly overhand the rear couple of rows. The Upper Circle itself is similar to the Dress Circle in layout, however the ends of the rows can give quite a side on view.
Phoenix Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
The Girls is the brand new musical based on the hit movie and play Calendar Girls and is set to open at the Phoenix Theatre in London’s West End in February 2017, with tickets going on sale on 16th September 2016.

National treasure, knight of the realm and one of the busiest men in music, Gary Barlow’s newest creation is The Girls written with Tim Firth, the screenwriter of the original film.

This heart-warming new musical tells the true story of a group of Yorkshire women who create a rather racy nude calendar to fundraise for Leukemia Research, all under the banner of the Women’s Institute.

The original film was directed by Nigel Cole and released in 2003, starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, soon becoming a national film favourite, and making the tale of the daring Yorkshire ladies known throughout the country.

A stage play of the film, adapted by Tim Firth and directed by Hamish McColl came to the West End in 2009 at the Noel Coward Theatre, where it achieved great acclaim before going on a nationwide tour.

This new musical version sees Tim Firth team up with Gary Barlow, to create a show that has already received rave reviews when a read through to raise money for a blood cancer charity, close to the original Yorkshire location of the real life Calendar Girls. The production then amazed crowds in Leeds and Salford, before it opens for its full West End run.

Gary Barlow is one of the country’s most popular musicians, having fronted the pop band Take That for countless years, being an X-Factor judge on Saturday night TV and creating the hugely successful Broadway musical Finding Neverland which opened in March 2015 and ran for 17 months. Most recently Barlow has been heard on the soundtrack to the Eddie the Eagle film, before returning to his newest project.

Tim Firth is a much loved British TV, film and stage writer, having created much loved classics such as the original Kinky Boots and Calendar Girls films, as well as plays Our House and The Flint Street Nativity.

The Girls stars Michele Dotrice (Some Mother’s Do Ave Em) as Jessie, Debbie Chazen (Psychoville, Topsy Turvy) as Ruth, Claire Moore (The Phantom Of The Opera, Miss Saigon) as Chris, Sophie-Louise Dann (Made In Dagenham, Bend It Like Beckham) as Celia, Claire Machin (Titanic, Mary Poppins) as Cora and Joanna Riding (My Fair Lady, Carousel) as Annie. The show will also feature an all-star creative team including direction by Tim Firth, musical staging by Lizzi Gee, comedy staging by Jos Houben and design by Robert Jones.

The Girls is set to open at the Phoenix Theatre in on 21st February 2017, with previews running from 28th January 2017 and tickets going on sale on 16th September 2016.
The Girls is perfect for anyone that loves a heart-warming true story. With original writer Tim Firth and much-loved musician Gary Barlow combining forces, you can certainly expect a brilliant and moving performance that will both make you laugh and cry.

Age Recommendations: May not be suitable for very young children