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The Last Tango at Phoenix Theatre tickets
The Last Tango at Phoenix Theatre tickets

The Last Tango has closed

This show has closed

In the Phoenix Theatre the Stalls tend to give good views throughout, with no obstructions and a significant rake. Ends of rows and the very from three roles can be not quite ideal, however can offer good views for the money without too much craning of your neck.

The Dress Circles also gives good views of the stage, without feeling too far away, with a similarly good rake. The front two rows can be slightly restricted by a safety rail as well as having not as much leg room. The Upper Circle suffers a similar problem in the first few rows, however can get particularly warm during the summer.

Strictly Come Dancing has been a national phenomenon, taking over TV screens across the country on Saturday nights for countless years. Two of the brightest stars to have shone throughout the years are the magnificent Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, brought their show The Last Tango to the Phoenix Theatre in London from 3rd September 2016 to 3rd December 2016.

The pair have previously toured the country with their immensely popular and much loved productions Midnight Tango and Dance ‘Til Dawn. This will sadly be the pair’s farewell tour together, after an illustrious career which has spanned many years.

The Strictly Come Dancing superstars came up with their most emotive and heartfelt performance, to form their final ever theatre tour The Last Tango, which created the ultimate goodbye for two dancing legends.

Not only have Vincent and Flavia become television favourites, they have also won World Dance titles and created and starred in a range of spectacular West End shows, during their immense career that has spanned over twenty years.

This is the ideal chance for fans of the UK’s most loved Argentine Tango Champions in this exciting new performance that is set to move and thrill audiences in equal measure. The intimate environment of the Phoenix Theatre was the ideal setting for you to experience the entire drama, emotion and passion of the expert dancers.

Flavia Cacace was born in Naples before moving to Guildford as a child. In a similar turn of events, Italian born Vincent Simone also moved to the town in Surrey as a teenager, where with a similar love of dance, they were paired together by their mutual dance teacher. Since that first meeting, the two have continued to perform together over the subsequent decades.

The show, The Last Tango, follows the story of the protagonist George as he looks back through his life in an attic packed full of memories, the story of which is performed through a combinations of flamenco, jive, rumba, salsa and of course, the tango. The two dancing greats are accompanied by a range of other brilliant performers and a spectacular live band.

The Last Tango was directed by the Olivier Award-winning director and choreographer Karen Bruce, and has wowed audiences around the UK as part of a 33 week-long tour that arrived at the Phoenix Theatre in September 2016.

The dynamic duo Vincent and Flavia stepped out on the London stage for one last time as part of their farewell tour The Last Tango which opened at the Phoenix Theatre on 22nd September 2016 and ran until 3rd December 2016. This is a show perfect for any Strictly fans!

Important information

Playing at: Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0JG

Performance dates: 30 Nov 2016 - 03 Dec 2016

Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Age recommendation: Not recommended for young children

Special notice: This show cannot be missed by any die-hard fans of Vincent and Flavia or Strictly Come Dancing. Their previous live shows have become hugely acclaimed and entertained audiences throughout the country and anyone who has seen one before, will want to catch the spectacular The Last Tango which will be their farewell tour. If you have never seen the duo live before but have loved their brilliant performances on TV, then don’t miss the opportunity to see them in a far more intimate and moving setting.

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Very good show - very uplifting. Great cast and great new British musical. Do go and see! More

georgenewsome 53 reviews, 5 helpful votes


KiwiCm 165cm, 90 reviews, 2 helpful votes

If you love Strictly Come Dancing, and looking for something different to view then I recommend this show. Thoroughly enjoyed myself... More

katierose 5"7, 67 reviews, 2 helpful votes

Wow! What an incredible show. The dancing is world class and some pieces moved me to tears. There is a really subtle storyline running... More

joc78 5"4, 451 reviews, 7 helpful votes

Flavia and Vincent are amazing to watch. The show has a story running through it which made it very poignant. They also have a fantastic... More

yfaris 5'2", 35 reviews, 2 helpful votes

Brilliant dancing spectacle. More

allenmaher 5’ 8, 258 reviews, 4 helpful votes

Show was absolutely fantastic. Vincent and Flavia were spectacular and I've never seen legs move so fast! Support team were also great... More

Anonymous User 4426 reviews, 572 helpful votes

I don't want to ruin English grammar but what I feel about this show can be only said like this: extremely average. No effort in story... More

zeynepsuner 20 reviews, 0 helpful votes

I really enjoyed this production; it's a very predictable story-line, but this is simply a vehicle for the mesmerising dance. As long... More

susannahrosemn 5"3, 135 reviews, 6 helpful votes
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