The Other Palace
12 Palace Street
London, SW1E 5JA
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Opened: 13 Feb 2017
Booking from: 24 Feb 2017
Booking until: 01 Apr 2017
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

25 Feb 2017


27 Feb 2017


28 Feb 2017


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03 Mar 2017

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  • joc78 5"4 female 132 reviews 2 helpful votes
    40% total rating The Wild Party, 13th February 2017
    Unfortunately I wasn’t blown away by ‘The Wild Party’. Being a massive Les Miserables fan, I was really looking forward to seeing the original Eponine ‘Frances Ruffelle’ in the lead role but I wasn’t overly impressed with her performance. For me, there was just too much going on stage at any one time so maybe it would have been suited to a bigger theatre? The songs were pretty forgettable and I also found the sound levels were not right (i.e. the band was so very loud that I had trouble hearing what the actors were singing about). For me, there was a lack of characterisation and plot which was a shame as this production showed a lot of potential. Still, I did see it on it’s very first night so it may improve during its run.
    Sat in Stalls B4
    This seat is a really good seat in the newly rebranded ‘The Other Palace Theatre’. You have a very clear view of the stage, albeit you are at the side, however the raking is excellent and the seats are comfortable. I would definitely recommend this seat to people.
    B4 Stalls - The Other Palace - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls B4
  • gdeacon95 6'1 male 43 reviews 5 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Wild Party, 16th February 2017
    What a production! As a show it is pretty non-stop, and the music is relentlessly energetic. But what blew me away most was the performances by the actors (particularly Frances Ruffelle, John Owen Jones & Victoria Hamilton-Barritt) which were extraordinary, and the band who sounded electric. That combined with the intense choreography made for a really fantastic show!
    Sat in Stalls A15
    I was worried this seat might be too close (given the cheap restricted price), but I shouldn't have been. Fantastic dynamic view for The Wild Party, everything was perfectly in view at all times and being so close to the stage really added to the experience for such an energetic show. Seat was comfy and the legroom was good!
    A15 Stalls - The Other Palace - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls A15
  • susannahrosemn 5"3 female 83 reviews 2 helpful votes
    80% total rating The Wild Party, 20th February 2017
    Drew McOnie's direction and choreography is stellar, he is completely iconic. The cast in The Wild Party is also astoundingly good - star performances from Dex Lee, Gloria Obiango and Genesis Lynca - Frances Ruffelle is good too, but outshone by Victoria Hamilton-Barritt and John Owen-Jones. Songs not particularly catchy, but lovely bluesy-jazz feel about everything. Unfortunately, the musical is very far-fetched and whilst incredibly entertaining, I can't help but feel it hasn't been revived for so long for a reason.
    Sat in Stalls H2
    Really not a fan of how cramped seats are at this venue, but that being said, you really can sit anywhere and have an amazing view. This seat is on the right hand side of the auditorium when facing the stage, and is one away from the aisle. Due to the slight curve, there is practically no legroom, which can get incredibly uncomfortable. Seats are very narrow, so you do get cosy with whoever is sitting next to you. To be fair, I would sit here again because the view is impeccable - you don't miss a thing.
  • natashawhitley1 5"3 female 16 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating The Wild Party, 16th February 2017
    Incredible show. Excellent performances from everyone in the cast. John Owen-Jones in particular is absolutely superb. I'll be back again for sure.
    Sat in Stalls B25
    Fantastic seat. Really felt part of the show. Due to the seat being on the side you did miss some points but nothing too bad. Seat was comfy with a decent amount of legroom.
    B25 Stalls - The Other Palace - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls B25
Sit anywhere in The Other Palace to have an exceptional, clear view of the stage! Due to the intimacy of the theatre and the steep rake, there’s not a seat in the house that offers a bad view.

Sit in the front three rows for a completely immersive trip to the theatre, or in the middle if you want to splash out. Be as central as possible, as this will offer the most panoramic view of the stage.

Those who are looking to see the show on a bargain should sit in the rear two rows, which have limited legroom but amazing views.
The Other Palace, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Tony Award-winning star Frances Ruffelle leads a brand new production of Michael John LaChiusa’s 2000 Broadway musical The Wild Party. Directed by Olivier Award-winning choreographer Drew McOnie, The Wild Party is the explosive musical which is the first production to play at the rebranded The Other Palace.

Based on Joseph Moncure March’s 1928 poem, The Wild Party follows a vaudeville couple as they host an enigmatic party at their downtown Manhattan apartment. Queenie and Burrs, one a dancer and the other a clown, plan a wild night and invite a bizarre array of guests. As the drinks are knocked back and questions are fired, a night of drunken debauchery reaches a tangible, tragic climax.

Presented through various vaudeville sketches, the musical originally premiered in 2000 on Broadway, starring Toni Collette and Eartha Kitt. This new production sees Frances Ruffelle take the leading role as Queenie, opposite John Owen-Jones (Les Miserables) as Burrs. Ruffelle is best known for originating the role of Eponine in Les Mis and went on to star in Pippin, Starlight Express and Chicago.

Further cast members include Victoria Hamilton-Barritt (Murder Ballad, In the Heights), Ako Mitchell (Ragtime), Lizzy Connolly (Once in a Lifetime), Bronte Barbe (Shrek), Dex Lee (Grease) and Tiffany Graves, with Broadway legend Donna McKechnie, as well as Melanie Bright, Simon Thomas, Gloria Obianyo, Genisis Lynea, Steven Serlin and Sebastian Torkia.

After receiving an Olivier Award for In the Heights as well as acclaim for his work on Strictly Ballroom and Jesus Christ Superstar, Drew McOnie directs and choreographs The Wild Party, which is the first production under the leadership of new Artistic Director, Paul Taylor-Mills.

A dark, witty and emotional musical that brings back some traditional vaudeville to the West End, The Wild Party is not one to be missed, having opened at The Other Palace on February 11th 2017. The production runs until April 1st 2017, having had an official press night on February 20th 2017.
Suitable For
This is an amazing chance to see a rare Broadway musical on the West End, featuring a stellar cast! Fans of big, glitzy musicals will love this!

The Wild Party is recommended for those aged 16 and up, due to sexual and explicit scenes and references.