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6ft male , 53 years old

I like to be busy and enjoying life, although I usually work 5 afternoons/evenings during the week, I still like to find things to do in my spare time, but I do enjoy walking and cycling (need a new bike though, so only Boris Bike at the moment if in London) also like visiting places of interest, city tours, museums, theatre, concerts, events etc...


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TheatreSeat reviewSeat ratingShowShow datePhoto from seatPhoto of ticket stubVoted helpful
Duke of York's Theatre Stalls L14
93.333333333333% rating
The Dresser 02-11-2016
Vaudeville Theatre Stalls D2
86.666666666667% rating
Hobson's Choice 16-08-2016
Theatre Royal Drury Lane Stalls B22
80% rating
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 03-08-2016
New London Theatre Stalls E41
100% rating
War Horse 22-08-2015
Savoy Theatre Stalls B11
86.666666666667% rating
Gypsy 16-09-2015
Garrick Theatre Stalls T18
73.333333333333% rating
The Painkiller 27-04-2016
Theatre Royal Haymarket Stalls W9
73.333333333333% rating
How The Other Half Loves 13-04-2016
Duke of York's Theatre Stalls R1
80% rating
Hay Fever 11-07-2015
Victoria Palace Theatre Stalls O31
86.666666666667% rating
Billy Elliot 24-06-2015

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