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Hi. We’re SeatPlan. And we know that buying theatre tickets can be a minefield. Will I be able to see anything? Am I getting a good deal? Is there any legroom? How close are the toilets? The list goes on…

SeatPlan was launched in 2011 to answer these questions and help audiences book the best seats, whatever that means to them. Our bespoke and fully interactive seating plans, embedded within the booking experience, mean customers can browse thousands of user-uploaded photos and select the best seats for their budget, at any time.

Over the last decade, we’ve expanded and now feature seating and venue tips for over 100 theatres in the UK and New York so you can see more with SeatPlan.

Our team knows first-hand that a great seat can make or break a theatre trip, and we are always working to simplify the buying experience so you can spend less time hunting for a great deal or view and more time focusing on making memories to last a lifetime.

Find out more about SeatPlan’s Mission and what the site offers below…


Our Mission

Our mission is to help theatregoers book the best seats. Theatre isn’t just about watching a performance; it’s about the moments that take your breath away. The ones that stay with you for a lifetime. Whether you’re treating your kids to their first show, catching a musical with friends, or taking yourself on a solo date to a bucket-list classic, we’re here to help you plan moments that turn into memories.

Our Values & Promises

  • Customer-Centric: we strive to know what our customers want and aim to build products and features that are genuinely helpful and hassle-free.

  • Exceptional Service: we operate a fast website with fast customer service so you’re not waiting to hear back from us.

  • Honesty in Imagery: we don’t stage the truth - No fakes, No CGIs. No editing. SeatPlan will only ever feature real images from real theatregoers.

  • Transparent Pricing: we will always provide clear, unbiased ticket options, so you can make the best choice for your situation.

Our Seat Plans

We started in 2011 with our first SeatPlan, The Adelphi Theatre, and since then have expanded to cover the West End, major cities across the UK and now Broadway, New York.

map showing locations and venues that SeatPlan covers, including West End, Broadway and major UK cities

How we do it

We help you find the best deals and keep you safe when booking

At SeatPlan, we search the market so you don’t have to. Whether you’re planning ahead or booking last minute, you’ll find a range of deals and seats for every occasion, all aggregated from top suppliers, allowing you to compare the best deals in one place.
With intuitive tools like the “show best seats” selector you can easily browse and select different price band options and views to suit your budget—all without the hassle of hunting around We also take safety seriously and keep your details secure at all times. Bookings are processed using secure server software (SSL) that protects your personal and credit card details and we promise an Official Ticket Guarantee as well as being registered members of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR).

Best For: When the choice of providers is overwhelming and your budget matters

We help you to visualise the experience

a young girl excitedly looking ahead in a theatre seat We believe that checking SeatViews is an integral step to researching and buying theatre tickets. You wouldn’t book a hotel without seeing a view of the room - so why book a theatre ticket without an idea of what you might see? Our interactive seating plans feature real photos from real audience members. Armed with their insights, you can create a SeatPlan strategy that helps you compare cheap seats against the best-in-the-house, and decide which views are worth paying for.

Seat plans

Our techy friends have built the most accurate interactive seating plans on the market, so you can browse views from every corner of the auditorium before narrowing down your seat selection. If you don’t know where the best seats might be or the difference between cost in different sections, our SeatPlans are the perfect place to start and our Venue pages complement them with answers to your frequently asked questions.

Best For: No idea where to start. A full theatre-wide view. Working out the difference between stalls, circles and boxes. Accessibility info.

Seat views

Booking theatre tickets online has never been easier, but it’s still a gamble when you sit down. We can’t do anything about the tall person in front of you or the loud snack eater to your left. But we can help you see the view from other theatregoers’ eyes as you book. No CGI. No fakes. No edits. Our community of theatre fans have uploaded thousands of photos to our seating plans. No more hesitating over restricted views; no need to guess whether it’s worth upgrading from Row G to Row C. With ratings for view, legroom and comfort, you’re sure to find a seat that works for you.

Best for: After you’ve Picked a price band or area to hone in on your perfect seat. Comparing views in similar places.

We reward and thank our Community

Customer-centric means just that. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and like to say thank you to everyone who adds a SeatView to our SeatPlans. Our reward programme gives you points for purchases and points per photo submitted - even when you didn’t buy through SeatPlan. Rush or lotto? No problem - sign up, add your photos and earn money towards theatre gift cards. It’s not just about points, either. Every profile has an interactive timeline so you can revisit the shows and seats that you loved anytime. The perfect place to document your theatre bucket-list progress. Find out more about our Rewards programme here.

Best For: Earning rewards so you can see more. Tracking your shows and revisiting the moment.

We help you decide what to see

First time seeing a show? Not sure what you’ll enjoy? We can help you find the perfect production, whatever you’re in the mood for. Browse our show guides and common FAQs for each production to find out more about what’s on right now, use our Discover section for recommendations, and read user reviews and honest opinions from other theatregoers on our production pages for each show. Be inspired by the stories behind the seats. You can also search by city and venue to see what’s on in your favourite locations and check our venue FAQs to help you plan the perfect experience. Spend less time worrying about logistics like where the toilets are and more time getting excited about your trip!

Best For: Choosing a show that you can’t wait to see - and know you’ll love! Or researching the show you just went to.

Our Partners

  • Logo of AccessAble

    AccessAble provide free online Detailed Access Guides to thousands of venues across the UK and Ireland.

  • The Theatres Trust

    The Theatres Trust are the national advisory public body for theatres. They champion the past, present and future of live theatre, by protecting the buildings and what goes on inside.

  • Disability Rights UK

    Disability Rights UK want a society where everyone can participate equally. We believe their mission will have a huge impact on the theatre industry, ensuring that theatres become increasingly accessible places for theatre goers.

  • Tourism for All

    Tourism for All is the UK Voice for Accessible Tourism. They are a national charity dedicated to making tourism welcoming to all.

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