About Us

SeatPlan helps entertainment fans choose and book the best tickets

Buying theatre tickets is difficult! Where are the restricted view seats? Is there enough rake between rows or will my view be blocked by the person in front? Is there any legroom? Can I see a photo of the view? Am I getting a good deal?

SeatPlan answers these questions by collating audience seat reviews (110,000 and counting) and photos (60,000 so far) into one easy to use interactive seating plan. Then we search several ticket websites to find the best deals. Join our 145,000 happy customers by using SeatPlan to choose and book the best tickets.


Our team

Our team of arts lovers and technology professionals is passionate about theatre and simplifying the task of buying theatre tickets. It is simply too hard to choose where to sit and buy the best theatre tickets. We are hiring theatre lovers to help us achieve our mission, visit Careers to find out more

Our partners

  • The Theatres Trust

    The Theatres Trust are the national advisory public body for theatres. They champion the past, present and future of live theatre, by protecting the buildings and what goes on inside.

  • Disability Rights UK

    Disability Rights UK want a society where everyone can participate equally. We believe their mission will have a huge impact on the theatre industry, ensuring that theatres become increasingly accessible places for theatre goers.

  • Tourism for All

    Tourism for All is the UK Voice for Accessible Tourism. They are a national charity dedicated to making tourism welcoming to all.