The ABBA Voyage Dance Floor Experience

ABBA Voyage is a revolutionary new concert experience in London that has become an essential pilgrimage for any ABBA fan. It is the show on everyone’s lips, but what is it really like to see the ABBAtars up close from the Dance Floor? If you are thinking of booking ABBA Voyage Dance Floor tickets but want more information, you have come to the right place: we sent our own Dancing Queen to get the full experience and let you know if it’s worth the hype. Read the full story of her visit below.

What is ABBA Voyage?

ABBA Voyage uses state-of-the-art technology in an incredible purpose-built arena to create an awe-inspiring experience that is part reunion concert, part augmented reality and probably the best ABBA event available in the world right now.

Central to the concert’s appeal are the holographic projections (affectionately known as ‘ABBAtars’) of the four original members, each animated using motion capture recordings by the actual performers. While Agnetha, Anni-Frid, Benny & Björn may not be there in person, the incredibly lifelike ABBAtars will make you swear that they are. A live band accompanies the ABBAtars through an impeccable sound-system to make some of the greatest pop hits of all time sound better than ever before.

ABBA Voyage ABBAtars of the band members
The ‘ABBAtars’ are incredibly lifelike and the highlight of the concert

As a huge ABBA fan, I had been waiting to see the concert for myself and find out what it is really like inside ABBA Arena. After my visit, I can safely say I was not disappointed.

What are Dance Floor tickets for ABBA Voyage?

If you book tickets for the ABBA Voyage Dance Floor, you will be in the general admission standing area, located in front of the stage. Prices start at £77 and you can stand or dance wherever you want, and even move around to find the best position. 

Other ticket options include the seated area behind the Dance Floor and the private Dance Booths. Dance Floor standing tickets are billed as the best choice if you want to get closer to the action and feel immersed in the experience of ABBA Voyage.

Is there an age limit for the ABBA Voyage Dance Floor?

The Dance Floor is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12, and children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Keep this in mind when choosing your tickets for ABBA Voyage because you may be refused entry for safety reasons. 

The ABBA Voyage Experience Starts As Soon As You Arrive

Before you’ve even stepped onto the Dance Floor, and even before you have entered the ABBA Arena, the ABBA Voyage experience is all around you. Upon arrival at Pudding Mill Lane DLR station across the road from the venue, the atmosphere is instantly impressive as ABBA music blares from speakers. This gets you perfectly in the mood before you have even joined the queue. There is even an official merchandise store set up in the station if you want to snap up a souvenir before or after the show.

An ABBA Voyage merchandise store has been set up in Pudding Mill Lane Station

The venue is immediately visible as you exit the station. As you approach, there are two clearly labelled entrances; one for all seated tickets or Dance Booths and the other for Dance Floor only. On the night I attended, the Dance Floor entrance had no queue whatsoever, whereas the seated queue looked quite long but was moving quickly.

ABBA Arena exterior showing queue for seating
ABBA Arena is an impressive sight as you exit Pudding Mill Lane station

Getting Inside ABBA Arena

There is a quick security check on the way in that took two seconds and then you’re through to the main concourse area. This vibrantly colourful space, with lighting that pulses in time to the music, is a perfect welcome to the venue and offers everything you might need before or during the show. There are great food options, lots of bars and toilets, a cloakroom, baby changing facilities and even more merchandise shops. I did note that there was a large queue for the cloakroom, so the best advice is to only bring what you need and aim to avoid it altogether.

ABBA Arena concourse interior
The coloured lights in the concourse pulse in time with the music!

Food, Drink and Merchandise at ABBA Voyage

The food options are limited but well-priced and there are kids’ options too. Hot dogs and ciabatta sandwiches are the predominant menu items with a few interesting varieties available, such as the Merguez dog, which features lamb sausage and chipotle mayonnaise, and the Parisian ciabatta, with brie, caramelized red onion chutney and wholegrain mustard mayo. Vegetable and chicken curries are also available. Most menu items cost around £9.

ABBA Arena food stall
Several food counters are set up in the concourse, all with the same menu

The drinks offerings include a variety of champagne, prosecco, cocktails and wine, all priced between £7-£9. Draft beers and soft-drinks are also available. There are also branded water bottles you can purchase with free re-fills to keep you hydrated for all the dancing. The night I attended, queues at the bar before the show were large and service seemed a little slow, but everyone was served before the performance started. The bars stay open throughout the show, and you will find there are no real queues once the show begins.

When it comes to merchandise, ABBA fans are spoilt for choice! There are magnets for £5, show posters for £30 and even a very stylish, Swedish Christmas jumper for £60 and many more options. T-shirts, mugs, stickers and even branded drumsticks! I purchased three pins for £10 and thought that was great value for money as far as show merchandise prices usually go.

ABBA Arena merchandise stand
Just a sample of the great merchandise options at ABBA Arena

Inside the Auditorium

There is a definite buzz when you first walk into the auditorium and see the large screens hanging over and around the stage, depicting a gently animated forest scene. The auditorium opens a good 45 minutes or so before the performance begins allowing people to take their seats with plenty of time or stake out their space on the Dance Floor.

Directly behind the Dance floor are the first blocks of seating and behind these, raised up for a perfectly clear view, are the dedicated accessibility rows. A team of access staff are stationed at this area to assist access patrons in any way they need.

ABBA Arena left side view
A view from the extreme left side of the auditorium

Above and behind these sections are the rear seating blocks and Dance Booths. These Dance Booths are not like corporate boxes at a sports stadium as they are not privately walled off from the rest of the arena, but they sit in their own sections of the auditorium and offer both couches to sit on and a dancing area for small groups. The Dance Booths are a very popular choice as they offer both dancing space and seating, so if you plan to book one, be sure to do so well in advance!

The ABBA Voyage Concert

I cannot overstate how exciting it is when the screens on the stage are lifted up, and out walk the life-sized, lifelike and incredibly believable ABBAtars. You can feel that excited tingle run through the entire crowd as people question whether what they are looking at is real. Pre-recorded dialogue from the band is tailored to address the London crowd and feels as if it is being said in the spur of the moment. It is an uncanny experience and one that is completely unique to this show.

The ABBAtars are accompanied by a band of live musicians, so the concert is a mix of live music and recorded vocals that is very skilfully combined. The sound-system is incredible and will be pitch perfect and crystal clear wherever you are in the auditorium. Obviously you will know the catalogue of hits being played as they are tunes that defined multiple generations, but you haven’t heard them quite as sharp as this before.

ABBA Voyage production image
The spectacle of ABBA Voyage must be seen to be believed

Adding to the spectacle is an array of lighting effects that hang over the stage and much of the front half of the auditorium. These displays are some of the most futuristic I have seen in a live venue and at times the show leans into the techno vibe, with the Tron-like costumes worn by the ABBAtars for some of the songs (as seen in the official poster) giving a nod to the virtual nature of the performance. The best way I can describe the show is like being at a disco in a video game!

What is it like on the ABBA Voyage Dance Floor?

ABBA Voyage standing tickets offer the best value and a truly immersive experience that feels as close to a real ABBA concert as you can imagine. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Dance Floor never felt too crowded, and it was very easy to quickly access the bar and toilets without having to navigate the steps or ramps from the seated blocks.

ABBA Arena interior bar
This bar is located just outside the Dance Floor, so you can quickly grab a drink without missing much of the show

We chose a spot that was close to the exit, meaning we could pop to the bar or the loo and back without risk of missing any more than one song. It’s worth noting that while there is a bar in the walkway between the concourse and the Dance Floor entrance, there isn’t one in the auditorium itself, so this easy access was a nice bonus.

People on the ABBA Voyage Dance Floor
The Dance Floor is surprisingly spacious and did not feel crowded at all

Of course, being a dance floor, you are unable to sit where you are, but this easy access to the concourse means you can find a place to sit if you need to and at 90 minutes without an interval, the show is just short enough that standing (well, dancing) for the duration isn’t a problem. Believe me, the wonderful music and the sensory experience that accompanies it makes that runtime fly by!

ABBA Arena Dance Floor view
The view from the rear of the Dance Floor still feels very close!

Are ABBA Voyage Dance Floor tickets worth it?

Yes. This is a very easy, unconditional yes. ABBA Voyage is a must for ABBA fans of all ages, and the Dance Floor is a really unique experience even if you’ve stood at a thousand other concerts before now! It sounds like a cliche, but you truly won’t believe that the ABBAtars aren’t real, and the feeling that you are witnessing the actual members of the group is only intensified when you are standing with hundreds of other fans and getting lost in the music together.

We saw a lot of families, groups, parties, couples and people on their own having a ball both on the Dance Floor and throughout the venue, with lots of costumes and glitter amongst the casual dress too. 

It is a unique and spellbinding experience that can suit almost any special occasion and the level of thought and detail that has gone into both the show and the venue is astonishing. Grab some fellow Dancing Queens and get down to London – you won’t regret it!

Do You Have a Question About ABBA Voyage?

If you have any questions about ABBA Voyage or Dance Floor tickets that we didn’t cover above, or you would like to share your own experience from a visit to the venue, please leave a comment below.

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Agreed. A fantastic experience. I’ve been 4 times already! It’s worth adding that the cloakroom may have long queues, especially after the concert, but it is FREE!😊

That’s fantastic detailed information,Due to I’ll health last year I couldn’t make it,but it’s on my to do list this year,as I live in the Canary Islands and will require overnight accommodation, would you have any recommendations on a budget b+b close to the arena,or any contact information on accommodation near to it,
Once again thank you, regards Wayne,AbbA fan since I was 12 now 55.

There is not much accommodation directly surrounding the Arena, but a quick 10 minute taxi or taking one stop on the DLR will take you to Stratford which has an array of budget-friendly and hotels to suit everyone.

Yes, you can take drinks in to the auditorium. The bars stay open throughout the show as there is no interval, meaning you can pop out anytime.

Where is the best place to stand in the dancefloor, and how early do you recommend queuing beforehand to ensure a place in the best spot? Normally I go for the front, and have queued all day when necessary, but I’ve read the middle is better for this.

I would recommend the middle to the back of the dancefloor. The ABBAtars are worth seeing up close yes, but to enjoy the sky high projections which really add to the experience, it is best to stand a little further back to ensure you can take it all in. Some fans took their places an hour before the start time but I found that thirty minutes before should secure you a good view.

Hi there, ,y question is, do you book a certain section of the dancefloor or can you stand wherever you like?
Many thanks

You can stand wherever you like on the dancefloor. In fact, you can move around if you choose. However, to avoid looking up all night – I would recommend getting there a little early to choose the best spot for you. My recommendation is the middle of the dancefloor, not right at the front due to having to look up all the time.

I’m 5’2″. Would I have any problems seeing from the dance floor? At regular concerts I can rarely see the stage because everyone around me is much taller.

I’m also 5’2″ and I had the same worry but thankfully no! There is so much free space and the visuals are so spread out and vast that this is not an issue for those of us on the shorter side.

We were on the dancefloor only, so can only comment on that specifically but it did seem that everyone who was in the seated area had to stay seated throughout the show to ensure that those behind them could see.

I was in seated area. People mainly ‘chair danced’ but got to their feet for Waterloo and Dancing Queen

Are there seats in the dance pods? We have an 88 year old with us who is mobile and will be dancing, but may need to sit down occasionally!

The Dance Booths appear to have couches to sit down on when you want to take a break from dancing – it seems to have the best of both worlds!

Hi we have dance floor tickets Entry B and a friend has one Entry D, once we are can we meet up easily? Or will this be a problem?

Hi Tracey – this just refers to the doors you will enter from. As long as you both have Dance Floor tickets, you will end up in the same place. Hope this helps!

Hi, we are thinking of getting the dance floor tickets for the 1pm show on a Sunday 3rd Sept. Is the arena full or fairly full on a Sunday 1pm show? The last thing we want is to be in a arena thats not very full as i dont think the atmposhere would be the same, thankyou

I plan to bring my granddaughter who is about 1.35m tall. I’m sure that she would like to be on the dancefloor, as would I. Will this be suitable for her ? If so, then where should we aim to stand ?

Hello, anywhere in ABBA Arena will give a good view as the projections are so large. The only issue with the dancefloor is if you have someone really tall in front. However, as you can move around the dancefloor you are always going to have a great view! We stood at the centre back of the dancefloor and could see everything the entire time.

If you choose not to use the cloakroom due to long queues can you be able to have a bag/coat on the floor and dance round it?
Just thinking if I bought a souvenir or a handbag.

Hi Sharon, we didn’t see anyone put their belongings on the dancefloor as lots of people were mocing around and dancing so it is unlikely this is allowed for safety reasons. We suggest bringing minimal baggage and buying souvenirs after the concert, this will give time for the crowds to leave while you shop!

Is there seating in the lounge. Is it wise to get any dance floor ticket and the lounge so we can sit. We are old

Hi Diane,

There is no lounge where you can watch ABBA Voyage, however, booking Dance Booths offer seating and standing room so this would be best!

Hi do you find people sitting on the dance floor towards the back to take a break from standing? Is that allowed? Tks


We did notice some people sitting at the back of the dance floor. Here, they were not blocking anyone’s view so we didn’t see them being asked to stand. Not sure if this was just our experience though!

Baggage / Backpack

thanks for your great article, really helped a lot.
As we want to club our ABBA experience with a sightseeing tour, can I take a small backpack inside the dancefloor area, as I do not want my camera being somewhere in the cloakroom?
I can’t spot any rules except it needs to be small, but not sure about cameras which is a course a must have for sightseeing 😉 ?

Many thanks,

Hi Flo, small bags are allowed in but photography can be prohibited of certain copyright material when the show is on. I would recommend arriving a little early and double checking with the front of house staff to ensure you can enjoy the event and take in what you need too!

Hi Melanie,

No, each type of ticket is quite specific – seated throughout, standing throughout (Dance Floor), or Dance Booth (a mix of sitting but with room to dance too.)

Hi there
Are there any options to sit for a break around the Dance floor or is it only if you manage to sit on the floor at the back of the dance floor? Thinking for my parents before purchasing tickets


There are no seats on the Dance Floor area so standing throughout is required if you choose this option.

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