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The Stalls are relatively intimate in this theatre and are separated by an aisle that runs partway through the auditorium. Rows reach a maximum of 35 seats, with the best seats being either side of the aisle in the centre.

The Royal Circle overhang is visible from the back half of the Stalls, and can cover the view of the chandelier in the current production, The Phantom of the Opera.

Support pillars obstruct seats in Row N and P, and it is worth checking before purchasing that your seat that the view is not restricted. It is best to sit centrally or by aisles.


The Stalls bar is 22 steps down and has movable seating. Staff may bring drinks to access patrons who are unable to leave the auditorium.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are at the rear of the Stalls. An adapted toilet can be found on the left through the accessible entrance on Charles II Street.