Oxford Theatre

Oxford Theatres

Oxford theatre is a thriving industry, but the city is perhaps most famous for its prestigious university. Established in the 11th Century, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is famous not only for its collegiate system and academic traditions, but its participation in the annual Boat Race. Each year, teams from Oxford and their rival university Cambridge compete in a boat race along the River Thames. The city showcases some of the most detailed and stunning architecture in England, with almost every period since the Saxon age represented in the buildings. The university’s colleges are dotted across the city, with many of their halls and gardens open for public tours. Popular landmarks include the Bodleian Library, which can be seen in three of the Harry Potter films. Visitors can also go punting on the river which runs through the city. Of course, Oxford has many connections to art and literature, and is home to various theatres, cinemas, and galleries. The New Theatre hosts large-scale productions from all across the UK, making it a worthwhile space for experiencing shows in Oxford.