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Most popular Milton Keynes theatre tickets

Developed in the 1960s, Milton Keynes is dubbed the “New City” and was built as a new town to help with the population overspill in London. Since its creation, it has become a town known for its historic sites, music, and culture. Sights and landmarks to visit include Bletchley Park Mansion, the National Museum of Computing and Willen Lake. The town is also famous for six concrete cow sculptures which sit in a parkland site in Bancroft. The sculptures have become famous over the years for being artistically vandalised: they have been given pyjama bottoms, had fake cowpat put next to them and painted with spots, thus becoming a symbol of the town. The Milton Keynes Theatre opened in 1999 after a 25-year campaign for a new theatre to be opened in the town. The theatre has a ceiling which can be lowered to create a more intimate space for smaller productions. The theatre typically houses tours of musicals, plays, opera, and dance, as well as a Christmas pantomime, meaning that theatre fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to shows in Milton Keynes.

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