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The best musicals in London for less

With Andrew Lloyd Webber classics rubbing shoulders with Broadway transfers and jukebox hits, London’s musical theatre scene ranks among the best in the world. However, with excellent theatre comes a high price tag - and no one wants to pay twice as much for disappointing seats!

A quick browse online will give you all the usual tips and tricks to get the best value for money: book early, avoid agency fees, choose a midweek performance, watch out for offers, and try your hand at rush or lottery tickets if you’re feeling really lucky.

But even the savviest theatregoers sometimes find themselves booking when there’s little chance of discounts and no time to shop around. When this happens, you should try to find the best seat possible at a reasonable price.

At SeatPlan, our community of theatregoers have contributed over 60,000 seat photos and 100,000 reviews, with testimonials proving you don’t have to pay top prices to enjoy a clear view of Wicked's showstopping set or The Lion King's incredible choreography.

Using our expert knowledge of venue seating, we've picked out some of the best seats recommended by theatre fans, including restricted view hidden gems and unexpected 5 star views to help you get the best value for your budget. Check below and treat yourself to a night out with the confidence that you’ll get a great view at the most popular musicals in London.
The Lion King London
The Lion King London

The Lion King

Stalls (£90 to £204). Children will love sitting on the aisle; the show opens with a fantastic display of animals walking up to the stage! 5 star seats like M15 are £80 cheaper than premium seats on weekends, and for even less, SeatPlan users praise Z34 and Z3. Restricted view side seats like J7 are hidden gems, with just a few onstage moments missed.

Royal Circle (£75 to £204). Good value seats up here include M37 and H2, which have lots of 4 and 5 star reviews.

Grand Circle (£45 to £71). There are plenty of well-reviewed seats in this section, although be aware it may not be the best for those with vertigo. We recommend G38 and F15, with one user commenting that you can “appreciate the size and scale of the production” from here.
From £35.40
1555 reviews
Wicked London
Wicked London


Stalls (£30 to £150). We suggest sitting at the sides of rows G to L, where seats like G17 and J6 have no restricted view reports from users, and are at least £48 cheaper than premium. At the rear of the Stalls, T22 (£90) and ZB7 (£78) might seem far away, but SeatPlan users consistently rate them highly for 4 and 5 star views.

Despite being restricted view, side seats in rows B-F are hidden gems - our users recommend sitting on the right for the clearest view, and report that seats like D12 deserve 4-5 stars for overall experience!

Circle (£30 to £150). There are lots of fantastic seats across rows E to O up here. We recommend F24, which has only 5 star ratings for its views of the stage from SeatPlan users.
From £24.00
3160 reviews
The Book of Mormon London
The Book of Mormon London

The Book of Mormon

Stalls (£42 to £180). SeatPlan reviewers give seats at the sides of row L to N excellent reviews. L13 is rated 5 stars, and costs from £93 - almost £100 less than top price tickets.

Circle (£24 to £117). Seats towards the back and sides like L21 are worth booking; SeatPlan reviewers consistently give £45 seats like these 4 and 5 star reviews. Rows C to E also get positive reviews from users; try D29 or E10.
From £24.00
2036 reviews
no fees
Come From Away London
Come From Away London

Come From Away

Stalls (£51 to £150). We recommend the centre of rows M and N like 5 star rated M23 (from £90) just behind the premium price of £102 for centre row L. Restricted view side seats are hidden gems - you’ll only miss a couple of entrances and exits. Try 4.5 star rated E27 or D25.

Dress Circle (£51 to £150.) Gems up here include J1 (from £75) and most of the sides of rows B-D; try B2 and D28.

Grand Circle (£24 to £66.) There are some amazing hidden gems up here along row A, which is classed as restricted view but has lots of 4 and 5 star ratings. Seats at the back like G10 and J15 are also recommended by SeatPlan users.
From £15.00
1654 reviews
Mamma Mia! London
Mamma Mia! London

Mamma Mia!

Stalls (£48 and £180). We recommend sitting a couple or rows ahead or behind premium, for example E10 or N10. You’ll save around £66, and SeatPlan users praise the excellent, 5 star views.

Dress Circle (£18 to £180). Try sitting in the centre of rows E, F and G for £90, where reviews emphasise the good rake and clear views of the stage.

Grand Circle (£18 to £66). Lots of restricted view seats offer better than expected views here. Our users report similar ratings for restricted view B22 and unrestricted B23, with up to £30 price difference between the two.
From £18.00
1192 reviews
& Juliet London
& Juliet London

& Juliet

Stalls (£40 to £117). We recommend trying row B, where seats cost £47 less than the row behind; B12 has four excellent 5 star reviews from SeatPlan users!

Royal Circle (£58 to £117). There are lots of decent seats under £80 in rows K, L and M. Try L9 or M34, which has 4 and 5 star ratings despite being at the back of the section.

Grand Circle £25 to £58). Good value hidden gems like F15 cost just £40. Lots of our users think sitting in the upper sections is a great option for this musical, and give good reviews for rows D, E and F.
From £24.75
591 reviews
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