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Where to See Stars on Stage in London in 2024

Nothing generates a buzz quite as much as a celebrity appearing in a play or musical. Some of our very best screen actors began their careers treading the boards, and their return to London theatre is an exciting opportunity to see them in their element, live on stage. London theatre in April steps up a notch, when the Olivier Awards come along and you might even be able to brag about seeing an award-winner in one of the best theatre shows in London.

Below, we’ve put together our pick of the biggest stars in the West End this year. Book quickly if you spot an actor you’d love to see perform live because tickets will sell fast!

1. Steve Coogan in Dr Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove London
Dr. Strangelove London
Comedy legend Steve Coogan takes on iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in this huge new production of Cold War satire Dr Strangelove. This world premiere marks the first time Kubrick's estate have allowed his work to be adapted for the stage, and Coogan portrays the weird and wonderful main character - a paranoid US General who kickstarts a nuclear war. It's one of the biggest openings of the year so book early to avoid missing out.
from £31.00
Opens October 2024

2. Imelda Staunton in Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly! London
Hello, Dolly! London
There are few roles that Imelda Staunton hasn't pulled off in her long and illustrious career. Whether she's starring as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, poisonous Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter or belting out incredible tunes in Sweeney Todd she is guaranteed to blow audiences away. Now, the four-time Olivier Award winner is making a match with Dolly Levi in this hotly anticipated revival of a Broadway classic in one of the biggest shows of 2024.
from £23.80
Opens July 2024

3. Sarah Jessica Parker in Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite London
Plaza Suite London
Don't miss Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker in her West End debut, starring opposite husband Matthew Broderick in this hilarious comedy about love and marriage. After wowing Broadway audiences, this hit revival of Neil Simon's play runs for a limited season in London, and the allure of seeing a real-life couple, and the iconic Carrie Bradshaw actress live on stage, makes this a hot ticket for 2024.

4. Sheridan Smith in Opening Night

Opening Night London
Opening Night London
Sheridan Smith has charmed us all with her versatility, from Shirley Valentine to Funny Girl to The C Word, and 2024 is set to be another huge year for the Olivier and BAFTA Award-winning stage darling. Smith stars in the world premiere of this brand new musical, based on John Cassavetes' film about a Broadway actress who is haunted by personal issues backstage. Directed by the magnificent Ivo van Hove and with songs from Rufus Wainwright, Smith is set to be one of the brightest stars in the West End for another year running!
from £23.80
Save up to £28.50
Opens March 2024

5. Ian McKellen in Player Kings

Player Kings London
Player Kings London
Ian McKellen has barely finished his run in critically acclaimed comedy Frank and Percy, and he has already announced his next West End project: a huge new version of Shakespeare's Henry IV, adapted and directed by Olivier Award winner Robert Icke. McKellen, who has already played iconic roles including Hamlet and Richard III, star as the egotistical and fickle knight Sir John Falstaff, in what is sure to be yet another inimitable performance.
from £32.40
Opens April 2024

6. Brian Cox in Long Day's Journey Into Night

Long Day's Journey Into Night London
Long Day's Journey Into Night London
We all loved Brian Cox as patriarch Logan Roy in Succession, and 2024 brings an opportunity to see him live on stage, in his first West End appearance for almost a decade. Cox plays the head of the Tyrone family in Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning family drama, and it is set to be a towering performance. Prepare to be moved, disturbed and confronted by one family's dysfunctional relationships in this truly epic play.
from £26.50
Opens March 2024

7. Adrian Dunbar in Kiss Me, Kate

Kiss Me, Kate London
Kiss Me, Kate London
His days of nicking bent coppers on Line of Duty might be over, but Adrian Dunbar is showing no signs of slowing down with his musical theatre debut! The popular actor, who won the nation's hearts as resolutely upstanding detective Ted Hastings in the BBC series, hits the stage in a huge revival of this Golden Age Broadway musical. Inspired by Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, this is irrepressible feel-good, and a fantastic opportunity to see Dunbar in a whole new light.
from £35.10
Opens June 2024

8. Matt Smith in An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People London
An Enemy of the People London
He first rose to prominence as the quirky and compelling Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, and in the years since Matt Smith has proven his chameleon-like versatility as Prince Charles in The Crown and Daemon Targaryen House of the Dragon. If you haven't seen him on stage before, now is your chance; Smith is sure to be electric in this acclaimed production of Ibsen's classic about whistleblowing and suspicion in a small community, directed by German visionary Thomas Ostermeier.
from £35.70
Save up to £10.00

9. Catherine Tate in The Enfield Haunting

The Enfield Haunting London
The Enfield Haunting London
She is best known for her comedy chops, but Catherine Tate is turning to the supernatural in this brand-new play. Based on true events in the 1970s, The Enfield Haunting is the story of a single mother whose house is rocked by strange disturbances and promises to be a spine-chilling experience. This is a fantastic opportunity to see Tate in a more serious role - something she is more than capable of given her brush with drama as a former Doctor Who companion.

Can you meet West End stars at the stage door?

Stagedooring is a very popular tradition for London theatregoers and many actors are more than happy to meet fans after the show. It is a great way to get an autograph or photo with your favourite actor, and let them know how much you enjoyed their performance.

Some theatres may have restrictions on stage door meet and greets, and this is often communicated on their social channels or with a note pinned to the stage door. If you are unsure, ask the box office team and they will be happy to provide more information.

Actors are more likely to meet fans at the stage door after evening performances than matinees, because they will need to change, rest and eat between shows in the afternoon.

How do I meet actors at the stage door?

People usually stage door after they have attended a performance, and at very popular shows you may be asked to present your ticket to prove you attended that day. If you are planning to head to the stage door after a show:

Come prepared. Bring a pen (ideally a felt tip), something you would like signed such as a theatre programme, and have your phone camera ready.

Be prepared to wait for a while. Actors will be getting changed backstage, and sometimes hosting guests after a performance.

Listen to and follow directions from the theatre staff. Their priority is to ensure the stage door is well-managed and safe for everyone involved.

Be respectful of the people around you and do not try to skip the line, interrupt conversations or push others out of the way. Everyone is excited to meet their favourite actor but if the stage door gets rowdy or out of hand, it may end early.

Be respectful of the actor’s time and always say thank you! Meeting fans at the stage door is not part of an actor’s job, but many enjoy being able to meet fans and thank them for attending the show.

Be polite if the actor is unable to meet and greet. Sometimes actors simply aren’t able to come to the stage door and this will be communicated to anyone waiting as soon as possible.

Can you send cards or gifts to actors at the theatre?

Theatres have different policies for accepting gifts from fans. You may also be able to hand over a small card or letter at the stage door. If you would like to give an actor a gift, email the box office to ask before your visit and see what is allowed. Food items are less likely to be allowed for safety reasons.

What happens if an actor does not appear at a performance?

The appearance of any actor in a West End show is always subject to scheduling, illness, injury, holiday entitlement, or other unforeseen circumstances. When you book your tickets, you are doing so for the production rather than a specific actor, and therefore are not usually entitled to a refund or exchange unless the performance is cancelled.

Most shows have very talented understudies who will deliver amazing performances. You may even be able to brag in a few years' time that you saw a hot new rising star before they became popular!

Some shows advertise holiday dates for leading actors ahead of time, so always check these before booking. We have listed any holiday dates, or other dates that celebrities are not performing, on the production page.
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