Harold Pinter Theatre
Panton Street
London, SW1Y 4DN
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Opened: 09 Jun 2017
Booking from: 02 Sep 2017
Booking until: 02 Sep 2017
Duration: 3 hours & 45 mins (including two intervals)
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  • georgiaparsons 17 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Hamlet, 19th June 2017
    ‘Hamlet’ at The Harold Pinter was truly a modern day masterpiece. Robert Icke’s spin on Shakespeare’s classic included an extravagant yet minimalist set, beautifully mastered by Hildegard Bechtler, comprised of three platforms for a ‘spliced stage’ affect, sliding glass doors which made transitions seamless, and a cyclorama filled with twelve large LCD screens, which later showed CCTV as the main viewing of Old Hamlet’s ghostly figure; a perfect way to bring the guardroom into the 21st Century. In addition to this technical modernisation, Tal Yarden, video designer, made use of the multi-media platform of the TVs by using a live camera on stage to film news reports with audience members seated behind the actors – another fantastic addition to the piece. Scott’s portrayal of Hamlet was second-to-none. His transition from a desperate mourning and betrayal-felt man to one who finds fury and delirious thoughts in every action was so fluid and was presented perfectly in the well-known soliloquys and monologues of the play. His rendition of ‘O that this too too sullied flesh would melt’ was more of a thought-processing moment than one filled with hysteria. Overall, the rendition of this classic was outstanding and the beauty and the historical value of the venue suited both the modernised production and the colossal play perfectly. With themes so relevant today that only exemplify the huge and crazy world we live in, Hamlet brings a microcosm of feelings to the audience. Would recommend to all.
    The view of the stage was very decent considering we were in the royal circle. We didn't feel too far away from the stage and the safety rail wasn't a massive obstruction to the view and didn't take away from the performance anymore than having heads in front of us. We did however feel the tickets were way too overpriced for the seats we had. I have short legs so never really have issues with legroom but my taller boyfriend said leg room wasn't an issue for him. The seats were comfortable, although there could be more elbow room. We noticed ourselves and lots of others fidgeting but that was probably more so due to the length of the show.
    B18 Royal Circle - Harold Pinter Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Royal Circle B18
  • AlexPhillips 171cm or 5'7" male 35 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Hamlet, 17th August 2017
    What an absolute masterclass in theatre. This production of Hamlet was done so well - in a modern setting. The sound and production only added to the absolute spectacle unfolding onstage. It was a four-hour play, yet I was entranced the entire time, never wanting to miss a beat. Andrew Scott was magnificent as the titular character, and really brought his own unique spin to the gradual decline into insanity. An unforgettable experience!
    Sat in Stalls D14
    This seat was absolutely spectacular and so much better than I expected. Ridiculously close to all the action (only one other row in front, and the actors came walking across the aisle in front of that). Comfort and legroom were rather good, considering this was a four-hour production!
    D14 Stalls - Harold Pinter Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls D14
  • gdeacon95 6'1 male 57 reviews 6 helpful votes
    100% total rating Hamlet, 13th July 2017
    This production is beyond words. Robert Icke, the director, is without a doubt a genius! I loved his previous production of 1984, and this is no exception - his modernised setting for 'Hamlet' fits perfectly and in my opinion enhances the timeless classic. All of the cast are brilliant in their role, however special mention MUST go to Andrew Scott who puts in a sublime performance as Hamlet, putting every single emotion on the line. Truly exceptional!
    Sat in Stalls C10
    Got this seat as a TodayTix £15 'rush ticket' and what an absolute steal that is. The view is faultless, perfectly central and so close to the action. For 'Hamlet', this is the front row as A & B are taken out, so the legroom is endless! Without spoiling anything, this is also a particularly special show to be on the front row for (all I'll say is the cast for one scene are sat in front of you). The only slight negative is the seats are quite old and therefore are not the comfiest, especially for a 3hr 30mins show! However, for £15 I am certainly not complaining and these definitely must be some of the best seats in the house!
    C10 Stalls - Harold Pinter Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls C10
  • albuspotter 5"11 male 76 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating Hamlet, 29th June 2017
    Epically Disturbing - This incredible production is totally worthy of a west end transfer and I urge anyone who maybe fears shakespeare to see this version, it is easy to access in terms of language and stunning to watch. Quite a few shocking moments with a gunshot and blood, not recommended to anyone under 14. Get a ticket while you can!! Andrew Scott is perfect as Hamlet and Juliet Stevenson is a totally brilliant Gertrude, the whole cast are wonderful! (Juliet Stevenson's last performance = 01/07/17)
    Sat in Stalls C9
    Probably the best seat to see this phenomenal production of Hamlet from. This is front row and the legroom is amazing you can straighten your legs and you'll still have a metre! The view is perfect, you miss no action and feel completely immersed (and even get up and close to the actors at one point!) Seat is comfortable for the majority of the play, act one is considerably longer than the other 2 acts and I started to lose comfort with 30 mins tot he interval.
    C9 Stalls - Harold Pinter Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls C9
The Harold Pinter Theatre generally gives quite good seats throughout the Stalls, however lacking any real rake, short theatregoers may find it difficult to see close to the rears, as well as columns in Row M providing some restricted views.

The Dress Circle also has pillars in Row C, and has less leg room than the Stalls, however lacking a distinct curve does not have many restricted view seats. The Royal Circle and Balcony however have a lot deeper curves meaning some seats can be quite side on, as well as feeling quite distant and cramped.
Harold Pinter Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Andrew Scott takes the lead role in Robert Icke’s incredible acclaimed production of Hamlet which is set to transfer to the Harold Pinter Theatre for a limited run, with performances beginning on 9th June 2017 and set to continue until 2nd September 2017.

Robert Icke’s Hamlet was first performed at the Almeida Theatre, where it’s sold out run opened to rave reviews, receiving glowing five star acclaim from Metro, Time Out, The Observer, The Stage and Whatsonstage, being described as ‘liverwire, edge-of-the-seat stuff’ which features Andrew Scott in a ‘career-defining performance’.

Andrew Scott stars in the lead role of Hamlet. Scott has become one of the most talked about Irish actors in recent years, after shooting to stardom in the role of the psychotic Moriaty in the BBC TV series Sherlock as well as his big screen roles in Locke and Pride.

Scott is also a renowned stage actor however, most recently having starred in The Dazzle at the popup theatre Found111, as well as having leading roles in Birdland at the Royal Court and Emperor and Galilean at the National Theatre. Scott has won a huge range of awards, including an Olivier, an IFTA and a BAFTA.

This new production of Hamlet is by Robert Icke, a man known as one of the biggest powerhouses of British theatre today. His previous production of Oresteia at the Almeida won him the Best Director Award at the Olivier Awards, the Critics Circle Theatre Awards and the Evening Standard Theatre Awards, as well as 1984 winning him Best Director at the UK Theatre Awards and Best New Play at the Olivier Awards.

Hamlet is brought to the stage by the acclaimed creative team that had previously worked on both 1984 and Oresteia, including set and costume design by Hildegard Bechtler, lighting by Natasha Chivers, sound by Tom Gibbons and video by Tal Yarden.

Known as one of William Shakespeare’s very best plays, Hamlet is a tragedy written around the turn of the 17th century which has rarely been off the London stage since. Most recently, Sonia Friedman’s landmark production at the Barbican made headlines starring Hollywood star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Hamlet at the Harold Pinter Theatre is set to be one of the most exciting West End transfers of the year, with Robert Icke’s incredibly acclaimed production getting a chance to expands its audience following a sold out run at the Almedia Theatre.

Hamlet will begin previews on the 9th June 2017, with an official opening on 15th June 2017 and with performances set to continue for a limited time until 2nd September 2017, this is certainly not to be missed.
Hamlet at the Harold Pinter Theatre is a must see for any Shakespeare fans who enjoy modern ground-breaking adaptations of the great playwright’s work. With one of London’s greatest directors and one of the West End’s greatest stage actors, this is set to be a smash hit, giving those who missed out on tickets for the sold out Almeida Theatre run another chance to see the play.