Regent's Park Open Air Theatre Stalls

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Stalls guide

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre has an amphitheatre-style auditorium with a maximum capacity of 1,200. The venue is split into front stalls, which are accessed by steps going down, and rear stalls, accessed by staircases leading up. The front stalls section comprises of three seating blocks, as well as two grass banks – one on either side of the auditorium. The rear stalls is the largest area of the auditorium and comprises of five blocks of seats.

The central block of the front stalls, between rows D and G, offer the best overall views of the stage, although as each production is specifically designed for the venue the side blocks also provide great views. Tickets purchased for the grass banks at either side of the stage offer no physical seat, and patrons should bring a picnic blanket or similar to sit on.

The rear stalls comprises of 11 rows of seats and with every row benefiting from a good rake, the back row can feel high up and distant from the stage. There are no armrests in this section of the auditorium, and the seats fold down stadium style. The physical quality of the seats differs due to weathering each year. As the seats fan out, those in the far right and left can become to feel far from the action, especially as they begin to wrap around the stage. For the best views aim to sit nearest to the centre.


Regent's Park Open Air Theatre boasts the longest bar in a London theatre, stretching the full length of the auditorium. The bar serves a wide range of drinks, snacks and cold food. The bar is fully accessible and can be accessed from the four gangways used to enter the auditorium.


Toilets are located near the picnic lawn, where accessible toilets are also located. Queues can become quite long for these toilets, especially at the interval.