Shen Yun at Eventim Apollo tickets
Shen Yun at Eventim Apollo tickets

Shen Yun has closed

This show has closed

Internationally acclaimed Chinese dance group Shen Yun returns to London this winter after dazzling audiences at the Dominion Theatre in 2018. Performing in a style now restricted by China’s Communist leadership, it promises to be a spectacular display of the country’s rich history and culture.

Originally conceived by a group of New York-based artists in 2006, the show is a response to Chinese government policy which has seen traditional dance and artistic practices placed under threat. Over the last decade, it has been seen in all corners of the globe and each performance boasts over 80 talented members including musicians, singers, dancers and production crew.

Drawing on China’s strong spiritual heritage, Shen Yun combines classical dance styles with stunning costumes, a beautiful live orchestra and vibrant technology-led sets. Harking back to stories first heard centuries ago, this is a unique opportunity to see beauty and wisdom collide in spectacular form, and experience a brilliantly singular genre of dance.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a wholly unique and extraordinary display of China’s threatened legacy, stretching back 5,000 years. Shen Yun will run at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith for a limited season from 17 January 2020.

Important information

Playing at: Eventim Apollo, 45 Queen Caroline St, London, W6 9QH

Performance dates: 25 Jan 2020 - 26 Jan 2020

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes (including interval)

Age restrictions: Children under 5 are not admitted.

Special notice: Fans of dance should secure tickets to this truly unique and breath-taking example of traditional Chinese artistry.

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Basically 17 small acts. It was a bit political in parts. Choreograping made it seem a bit repetitive. It was better on You Tube. I... More

edmclatchie 5' 10", 9 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Wonderful in every way: Spectacular, colourful, beautiful costumes & music & detail.

ruthl6 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Amazing show the dancers are exceptional and the use of the background is so clever. It is funny and emotional and really pulls you... More

stephaniek10 1 review, 0 helpful votes

It was mesmerising, and the costumes were beautiful. I watched the show as if I was in a trance.

margareto5 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Oh dear an evenings colourfully costumed, fleet footed, beautifully coordinated dancing monotony, with Chinese music. A New York Chinese... More

kevinw24 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Repetitive dance moves, Political message discriminate atheism, Too much talking from the two hosts, Translation of Chinese into English... More

sallys33 1 review, 0 helpful votes

I was disappointed; the show was not as colourful or spectacular as the promo videos. The choreography was, overall, similar to many... More

debrac3 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Beautiful show. Colours and backdrop stunning.Dancing fantastic and perfectly in time with other dancers. Well worth seeing. Sue W

susanw55 1 review, 0 helpful votes

Would isit again next year. excellent show

mangalorek 1 review, 0 helpful votes