The Prince of Egypt at Dominion Theatre tickets
The Prince of Egypt at Dominion Theatre tickets

The Prince of Egypt tickets from £23.40

Tickets from £23.40

An epic of biblical proportions

"Many nights we've prayed," and at last, new musical The Prince of Egypt has descended upon London's Dominion Theatre. An adaptation of the DreamWorks animated film about the life of prophet Moses, the show will feature ten new songs along with five classics from the film, including global hit “When You Believe.”

Based on the Old Testament story from The Bible, The Prince of Egypt follows the life of Moses who, with God on his side, casts ten plagues upon the Egyptian tyrants and parts the Red Sea to allow his people to escape.

Dazzling choreography and set design brings the story of Moses to life in spectacular fashion. Each iconic scene from the film is recreated with brilliant stagecraft.

Composer Stephen Schwartz is known across the globe for stage musicals including Wicked, and for the Disney animations Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

A glorious new musical with music by the best in the business, The Prince of Egypt tickets are a treat for theatre-fans of all ages and faiths.

Important information

Playing at: Dominion Theatre, 268-269 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7AQ

Performance dates: 01 Jul 2021 - 08 Jan 2022

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes (including interval)

Age recommendation: Bast for age 7+. Children under 5 not admitted. Please be advised that children under the age of 16 may be refused entry if they are not sitting next to an accompanying adult.

Special notice: Please note that flashing lights (photosensitivity), haze, smoke, low fog effects, pyrotechnics, lasers, live flame and the portrayal of violence are featured on stage, loud sound effects can be heard throughout the auditorium and performers move through the auditorium Stalls.

Next performances

01 Jul Thursday --7:30pm
02 Jul Friday --7:30pm
03 Jul Saturday 2:30pm7:30pm
05 Jul Monday --7:30pm
06 Jul Tuesday --7:30pm
07 Jul Wednesday --7:30pm
08 Jul Thursday --7:30pm

Reviews and photos Add photo

Epic. Pay attention to the lighting displays at the sides of the auditorium where the Egyptian graphics are displayed. The parting... More

jeanettemartin 5' 3", 62 reviews, 1 helpful vote

Beautifully told and staged with amazing spectacle, innovative staging and a fantastic cast who have beautiful voices. The ensemble... More

rikkiONshow 178cm, 352 reviews, 6 helpful votes

I enjoyed the show, I know the film and the biblical story so following what was happening was OK, some of the songs are a bit forgettable... More

markspears 5"07, 61 reviews, 1 helpful vote

If you like the movie, you’ll love the stage adaption. Stunning projections and use of simple set. The music is amazing and the cast... More

HeyImMark 171cm, 79 reviews, 4 helpful votes

Slightly irritated that Pharaoh did not dress in typical Egyptian clothing or that his mother and wife looked like they were in designer... More

pumpkin08 5' 1", 88 reviews, 0 helpful votes

Fantastic staging with a really incredible cast and ensemble, particularly the dancers who are exceptional throughout. They've adapted... More

rikkiONshow 178cm, 352 reviews, 6 helpful votes

I love this show. It is a wonderful story beautifully told story. There are amazing special effects and really incredible choreography,... More

kajetank 17 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The Prince Of Egypt film is a guilty pleasure was fantastic watching it growing up. When I heard it was coming to the stage I just... More

liumjones 7 reviews, 0 helpful votes

The story of Moses comes to life in this epic rendition of Dreamwork's The Prince of Egypt! The dancers, visual effects and amazing... More

nahrainberum 2 reviews, 0 helpful votes