Lyric Theatre
29 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, W1D 7ES
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Opened: 02 Jan 2009
Booking from: 23 Aug 2017
Booking until: 01 Apr 2018
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes



23 Aug 2017


24 Aug 2017


25 Aug 2017


26 Aug 2017


27 Aug 2017


29 Aug 2017

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  • renevanos 200cm male 1 review 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Thriller Live, 26th July 2017
    We all loved it! It was a fantastic show, with great singers, dancers, band and a special little Michael! You have to see this.
    Sat in Stalls G4
    I'm very tall (2m) and most of the time legroom is my problem. But here you have good seating with plenty of legroom and a perfect view. We had G3-8 with 4 kids in age range 13-17 and all had a fantastic show with perfect view!
    G4 Stalls - Lyric Theatre - Seat Review & View Photo
    View from Stalls G4
  • solayasrowley 1 review 0 helpful votes
    80% total rating Thriller Live, 4th August 2016
    The show is a real crowd pleaser for Michael Jackson fans and the male singers were exceptional, not sure the female singer was needed. It felt like she was going through the motions and her stage presence was lacking. It felt more like a high quality tribute show then a West End show and wasn't worth the price of a West End ticket. Not all the dancers were great and pulled focus when they were out of time. What ruined the show for me was the Michael Jackson impersonator - he lip synced, his dancing was abysmal, he ruined all the classics that I was looking forward to. I just couldn't watch him. Overall, I'm not sure I would recommend seeing this show as there are far superior shows on all the time but if you're a die hard fan or a child you'll enjoy it.
    Could see all of the stage apart from the raised platform at the back which was a shame but I guess to be expected because of being so high up. The seats were comfortable which was a huge relief because I am 8 months pregnant. Hardly any legroom though and I was constantly worried I was going to kick the head of the man sitting in front of me.
  • ambervictoria 4'10 female 24 reviews 0 helpful votes
    100% total rating Thriller Live, 26th August 2016
    Good show! Great singing and dancing.
    The seat was very high up but you could see all of the stage. You are too far away from the stage to see the performer's faces but as this is a mainly dance and singing show it wasn't a problem at all. The seats were good for the price.
  • RichardBayton 6"2 male 94 reviews 1 helpful vote
    100% total rating Thriller Live, 10th March 2013
    Thriller Live! is a wonderful show! I'm not a fan of jukebox musicals that use a band's music to link together a weak story but this show is anything but! It's a brilliant tribute to Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 and tells the story, history and achievements of the superstar. A must see!
    Sat in Stalls E6
    Good legroom and comfort, but the view was great from this seat considering that Thriller Live! is more of a concert than a musical/play. So being closer to the action and looking slightly up actually made it a more enjoyable experience.
Watch out for the pillars in the Lyric Theatre. These are best avoided by sitting in the front section of the Stalls.
Lyric Theatre, London interactive seating plan & seat reviews
Now years after the tragic death of Michael Jackson, his music and spirit live on in the dazzling stage extravaganza, Thriller - Live.

The show was created by lifelong Jackson fan, Adrian Grant, who brings a wide selection of the King of Pop’s back catalogue to the stage.

The show begins amid Jackson’s early years as an integral part of the Jackson 5 and progresses through to the later parts of his musical career.

Audience members can enjoy hits such as “I Want You back,” “ABC,” “Blame it on the Boogie,” “Rock With You,” “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” “Beat It,” “Man in The Mirror,” the title song “Thriller” and much much more.

Not only is the show an ode to Jackson’s incredible and timeless music, it also plays testimony to his excellent dance skills. Sections of his choreography are performed alongside his musical numbers by a skilled troupe of performers.

If all of the above wasn’t enough; the show also uses video project as well as on stage set and costume to showcases some of Jackson’s most iconic looks.

Whilst some may never have had the pleasure of watching the actual King of Pop perform his music, watching Thriller - Live is now the closest thing you can get to the real thing.
Thriller - Live is an absolute treat for all fans of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. The show is also excellent for people who love shows like X Factor and The Voice. The show is suitable for all of the family, however it is worth noting that the Lyric Theatre will not admit children under the age of 4.

Age Recommendations: Recommended for 8+