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Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Getting into the Venue

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on Exchange Street, with a large, step-free area in front of the theatre that provides level access to the theatre foyer and café. The box office, merchandise kiosk and café bar are easily accessible from the foyer, with accessibility support services available from the kiosk. Blue badge parking is available in the car park opposite the theatre, with a drop-off point directly outside.

All sections of the theatre can be accessed via a lift, although there are some steps within the auditorium. Wheelchair spaces in the Stalls and Circle 1 are all step-free.

Logo of AccessAble Aylesbury Waterside Theatre has worked with AccessAble to make it easier to plan your theatre trip before you visit. AccessAble visited the theatre in-person to create a Detailed Access Guide. Click the logo to read the AccessAble Guide.

Customer Assistance

There is level access into the theatre foyer and to Row R of the Stalls, with staff on hand to assist with navigation on each level. Transfer seats are available, but staff must be informed before booking, and it is recommended to bring a companion.

A cloakroom and at-seat service are available, but staff must be notified upon arrival. Aylesbury Waterside Theatre provides several support materials to suit all access needs.

How to Book

For patrons who require assistance or wish to book access spaces, it is important to book in advance and notify the theatre of any special requirements. Discounted tickets are available for access patrons and a companion, with price depending on the show booking.

For further information, ticket bookings and assistance please call: 0333 009 5399 or email: Customers can also sign up to the Access Scheme for online booking and any available concessions.

Section Accessibility


The Stalls are level access into Row R, with a large horizontal aisle running between Row R and Q, providing easy access to seating.

There are 6 wheelchair spaces located toward the rear of the Stalls, with transfers available into aisle seats. Patrons wishing to transfer should be accompanied by a companion.

Extra legroom can be found in Row R, although legroom throughout this section is good.

Circle 1

Circle 1 is accessible via 15+ steps up from the theatre foyer, and all steps highlighted with handrails in place. Alternatively, the seating can be reached via a lift, with staff on-hand to assist with navigation.

There are 2 wheelchair spaces located in Row G of Circle 1.

Extra legroom can be found in the centre of the section or toward the ends of aisles.

Circle 2

Circle 2 is accessible via 15+ steps up from the theatre foyer, all with handrails in place and highlighted steps. This section can also be accessed via a lift, although it is not recommended for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. There are steps to reach each row of the seating.

Legroom may seem more limited in this section, due to a steeper rake.

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