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The Comedy of Errors hero image
The Comedy of Errors hero image

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Shakespeare’s ever popular fairy-tale farce

The Royal Shakespeare Company's newest production of The Comedy of Errors transfers from Stratford-upon-Avon to London, playing at the Barbican Theatre.

Featuring farce, long-lost brothers and plenty of mistaken identity, the play follows merchant Egeon; his twin sons, both named Antiphonus; and their twin servants, both named Dromio. Thirty-three years after one set of twins is lost in a shipwreck, their brothers land in Ephesus. Unaware that Egeon has been arrested upon arrival in the city, and that their missing siblings have been living there for years, a series of bizarre encounters begins. 

The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s early comedies, directed for the Royal Shakespeare Company and Barbican Theatre by acclaimed comic director Phillip Breen (RSC: The Shoemaker’s Holiday; The Provoked Wife).

Casting includes Antony Bunsee as Egeon, Guy Lewis and Rowan Polonski as the two Antiphonus, and Greg Haiste and Jonathan Broadbent as the two Dromios. 

Promising a warm, celebratory and fun evening of theatre, don’t miss out on The Comedy of Errors tickets when the show opens at the Barbican Theatre.

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