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Rita, Sue and Bob Too hero image
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    Rita, Sue and Bob Too Tickets

    Andrea Dunbar’s controversial play Rita, Sue and Bob Too plays a strictly limited season at the Royal Court Theatre, where it was originally staged in 1982. A semi-autobiographical piece that focuses on social class, age and sexual power dynamics, this challenging production is not one to be missed.

    Andrea Dunbar’s challenging play about two teenaged babysitters’ sexual encounter with a married father returns to the Royal Court Theatre for a strictly limited season. Originally premiering at the London venue in 1982, Rita, Sue and Bob Too was presented when Max Stafford-Clark was Artistic Director of the theatre.

    Rita, Sue and Bob Too follows the story of two teenage girls living on a council estate. In order to earn some money, the pair begin babysitting for the wealthier Bob and Michelle, who live in a much nicer part of town. After their first night working, Bob says he’s going to give them a lift home. Instead, the trio drive to a remote area and have intercourse in the back of Bob’s car. Soon, the group agree to make it a regular occurence.

    Written when Dunbar was 18 years old, Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a semi-autobiographical piece set in Bradford. Social class, age and sexual power dynamics were all too familiar to the young writer who grew up on a council estate. Directed by Kate Wasserberg, the production features design by Tim Shortall, lighting design by Jason Taylor and sound design by Emma Laxton.

    Casting includes James Atherton as Bob, Taj Atwal as Rita, Gemma Dobson as Sue, Sally Bankes as Mum, Samantha Robinson as Michelle and David Walker as Dad.

    The production plays a strictly limited season at the Royal Court Theatre, ending on 27 January 2018. With plenty of contention surrounding the production, Rita, Sue and Bob Too is unmissable.

    Performance dates:
    09 Jan 2018 - 27 Jan 2018
    Running time:
    1 hour 10 minutes
    Royal Court Theatre (See map)
    Age recommendation:
    Recommended 14+
    Audience Notes:
    Issue-based and female-led theatre supporters and those interested in the history of British new writing and the Royal Court won’t want to miss this.

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    Latest Audience Reviews

    simondowling's avatar
    simondowling Top 200 reviewer 13 May 2018

    I was pleased to finally see this production of 'Rita, Sue and Bob Too' as I really like the film... More

    joc78's avatar
    joc78 Top 10 reviewer 26 Jan 2018

    Still as dark today as it was when it was first written. Great cast, minimal set.

    barrythompson1's avatar
    barrythompson1 13 Feb 2018

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    How Long is Rita, Sue and Bob Too?
    Rita, Sue and Bob Too running time is 1 hour and 10 minute .
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