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49 Balcony Photos

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Balcony Guide

The Balcony is the smallest section of the theatre, seating up to 413 people across three separate blocks of seating. Two vertical aisles run between seats 16-17 and 31-32, with additional aisles at the very ends of the rows.

Rows are widest in the centre of the seating, with the longest rows reaching up to 47 seats. A safety rail runs in front of Row A, which may restrict the view of this row and the row behind.

Legroom is more limited in this section and views of the stage are varied, with action often feeling distant and facial expressions difficult to see.


A fully stocked bar is located at the rear of the Balcony.


Women’s toilets are located on the left-hand side of the Balcony seating and Men’s on the right-hand side when facing the stage.

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