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Princess Theatre Torquay

15 Circle photos

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Circle guide

The Circle is the second tier of seating, located above the Stalls. This section is considerably smaller than the Stalls, with a seating capacity of only 420. Rows are similar lengths throughout the Circle, with the longest row reaching up to 41 seats towards the rear of the theatre.

Rows curve slightly, which can cause seats at the very ends of rows to be angled towards the stage. This section is roughly divided into eight smaller blocks of seating that are separated by aisles and steps.

A safety barrier in front of Row A may slightly inhibit the view of those in that particular row. Views in this section are very good, with good legroom towards the rear of the theatre and at the front of each separate section.


The Theatre Bar is located on this level, which is 22 steps up from the main foyer. Breezes is located on the ground floor.


Women’s and Men’s toilets can be found on this level.

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