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The Stalls is one large seating block without a central aisle. There are two vertical aisles that run either side of the seating, including steps to reach each row. Rows AA-CC are on a lower platform separated from the main block of seating by a slim horizontal aisle. This causes those in the front three rows to look up at the stage.

With a seating capacity of over 600, the Stalls is the largest section in the theatre, with rows widest in the centre of the seating and reaching up to 42 seats in Row G. A steep rake ensures those in front will not block the view, even at the rear of the seating. Rows curve gently around the stage, allowing seats at the ends of rows to have a good overall view.

The Royal Circle overhang kicks in at around Row N, but does not affect the view in any rear rows. Seats 40-41 of Row H can be removed to accommodate a wheelchair, with room for a companion in fixed seating.

Legroom becomes more limited in Row S and T. The Stalls generally offers good views, and it is advised to sit as centrally as possible.


A bar is available in the main foyer and at Stalls level. An at-seat service is available for access patrons who are unable to reach the bars.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are both available at Stalls level. Accessible toilets are also available level access from this section.