York Theatre

York Theatres

One of England’s most historic cities, York is rich in history and culture. Founded by the Ancient Romans, the city showcases some beautiful architecture, including its 13th century Gothic cathedral and 15th century buildings. In addition, the York theatre scene is a thriving hub. The city has various historic buildings of interest, including York Castle Museum, the Richard III Experience, York Art Gallery and Jorvik Viking Centre. The famous River Ouse runs through the centre of the city. York is also famous for its various churches and pubs. In the 1950s, York’s economy was based around trains and chocolate. The Terry’s (of the chocolate orange) factory used to stand in York, and the Nestlé Factory still operates in the city. Those hunting for shows in York will find it to be a rich cultural city, particularly when it comes to theatre. The famous York Mystery plays used to be put on every year in public wagons around the city. They were revived in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain, where a young Judi Dench starred in the plays for three years. One of the most significant venues is the Grand Opera House, which houses touring productions from across the UK.