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Edinburgh Playhouse Capacity

The Edinburgh Playhouse has a capacity of 3056 seats. Section capacities are 1587 Stalls, 631 Circle and 838 Balcony. Use our interactive seating plan to view 936 seat reviews and 816 photos of views from seat.

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Edinburgh Playhouse Seating Plan

Good value seats

For those looking to purchase tickets on a budget, seats towards the middle of the rear left and right sections of the Stalls and Circle offer clear views, despite being angled towards the stage. Although the view may at times be restricted, these seats are close to the stage and facial expressions will be visible. Seats in the Balcony offer clear views of the stage for a discounted price.

Premium seats

Seats in the front-centre of the Stalls and the Circle offer unobstructed views of the stage for a premium price. For large-scale musical productions, it would be best to sit in the front of the Circle, which is close to the stage and allows you to take in the show as a whole.

Recent Audience Photos

Circle BB9

melvinka 5' 3", 3 reviews

The seat was spacious, but the view was very much obstructed. Some of the scenes cannot be seen if the actors are to your left. The scene that I cannot see was when Aladdin got the lamp and whenever Jafar and Iago is talking to my left. More

Saw Aladdin Aladdin on 12 November 2023

Circle H22

chloel13 4' 11", 5 reviews

The width of this seat was actually really spacious, I didn’t feel like I was sitting on the people next to me. I thought the leg room was also pretty good but I do have short legs. This is near the back of the circle, I did have a lot of heads in... More

Saw Aladdin Aladdin on 08 November 2023

Stalls R51

lozm 5' 10", 3 reviews

For taller people leg room is a bit restricted. However as it's an aisle seat you have the option to stretch out a bit more on that side. View is very decent, able to see actors expressions and audio is good from here More

Saw Greatest Days Greatest Days on 02 September 2023

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