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Stalls guide

The Stalls are divided into three separate blocks of seating by two vertical aisles. With a large seating capacity of 750, the longest rows reach up to 45 seats per row.

The Circle overhang begins at Row L, but does not affect the view of the stage until around Row Q. In Row W, the top of the stage is completely cut off due to the Circle overhang. When seated in Row AA and BB, you have to look up due to the height of the stage.

Legroom is standard throughout this section and views are generally excellent, particularly in the mid-front rows.


There are two bars located at the rear of the Stalls seating, which are accessible via 15 steps down from the main foyer. A wide range of drinks and snacks are available here.


Women’s and Men’s toilets can be found at either side of the seating and are 2 steps up from the floor.

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