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46 Circle photos

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Circle guide

The Circle is the second tier of seating, located above the Stalls. With a large seating capacity of 700, seats are split into six large blocks by aisles that run throughout, with steps to reach each row. Rows become wider toward the rear of the seating, curving around the stage, with Row R reaching 53 seats.

The theatre ceiling should not restrict the view, although the stage may feel very distant from the rear of the section. Safety rails are dotted throughout the Circle, restricting some views beyond Row M. Safety rails at the front of either side of Row A also restrict the view in seats directly behind.

Legroom may seem more limited in this section, and extra legroom should be found in Row H and in aisle seats. Slip seats are located either side of the section in Row AA, offering side-angle views of the stage.

There are 4 wheelchair spaces available in Row B, all of which can be accessed via customer lift and have room for a companion. Views are generally good throughout the Circle, with a steep rake ensuring those in front do not block the view.


A bar is available at Circle level. An at-seat service can be requested for access patrons who are unable to reach the bars.


Women’s and Men’s toilets are available at Circle level. Fully facilitated accessible toilets are also available level access from this section.

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