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Sunderland Empire Capacity

The Sunderland Empire has a capacity of 1869 seats. Section capacities are 829 Stalls, 426 Dress Circle, 396 Upper Circle and 218 Gallery. Use our interactive seating plan to view 1287 seat reviews and 1210 photos of views from seat.

Boasting a large, traditionally decorated auditorium with a modern seating rake, views in the Stalls and Dress Circle are good throughout, whilst views from the Upper Circle and Gallery suffer slightly from the steep angle of the seating and distance from the stage.

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Sunderland Empire Seating Plan

Good value seats

Good views can be found throughout the Stalls and first two tiers of the Sunderland Empire, with bargains available at the ends of rows and the rear of most seating areas. Sitting in the rear of the Dress Circle and front of the Upper Circle offers great views for a discounted price.

Premium seats

Seats in the mid-front sections of the Stalls and Dress Circle offer the best overall views in the theatre. Seats in the Stalls offer good legroom, therefore sitting centrally in this section offers a perfect balance of view and comfort. For large-scale productions, the front of the Dress Circle offers a fantastic panoramic view that is unobstructed by the low safety rails.

Recent Audience Seat View Photos

Upper Circle B8

Close to end of row. There was just enough legroom - taller people may struggle ( I’m 5ft 8). There are safety rail in line o... More
I Should Be So Lucky
Saw I Should Be So Lucky on 22 April 2024

Dress Circle A5

I book this seat regularly as it is a good balance between price and comfort. The legroom is okay. I am 5ft6 and I feel like... More
The Drifters Girl
Saw The Drifters Girl on 26 March 2024

Dress Circle A35

The view from here is great. There is a barrier to your right that is in your peripheral vision but doesn't block the stage a... More
Bonnie & Clyde
Saw Bonnie & Clyde on 23 March 2024

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