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As You Like It hero image
As You Like It hero image

As You Like It Tickets

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Love and sisterhood transforms the Globe Theatre into a joyous community, as Rosalind and Celia escape into the Forest of Arden.

Escape to the Forest With As You Like It Tickets

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre glows with community spirit in As You Like It this year, and you are invited to escape the confines of the city and revel in the freedom of the forest. The story of two young women who leave court and head into the Forest of Arden to find friends and family is a sparkling comedy that celebrates the redemptive power of love.

What is As You Like It about?

Rosalind and Celia have escaped the restrictions of Court and are looking for Rosalind’s father, the exiled Duke. Orlando has fallen head over heels and wants the whole world to know about it. And deep in the Forest of Arden, unexpected meetings, long awaited reunions and incredible transformations are about to take place…

As You Like It is an exuberant celebration of love as friends, cousins, couples and parents come together under the liberating canopy of the forest. It is one of Shakespeare’s best known and best loved comedies, and has been performed all over the world and reinterpreted in myriad ways since it was written over 400 years ago. It was even in London as recently as this year, at Soho Place Theatre.

There is however no better place to watch this uplifting tale unfold than at the Globe Theatre, where the historic open air auditorium makes As You Like It feel even more authentic and magical.

The Globe As You Like It Cast and Creatives

At the Globe Theatre, the wooden ‘O’ becomes a pastoral playground where new identities are explored. This radiant production is directed by Ellen McDougall (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse: Othello), with additional text by Travis Alabanza, costumes by Max Johns, music compositions by Michael Henry and set design by Wills (Paul Williams).

The cast includes Nina Bowers as Rosalind, Macy-Jacob Seelochan as Celia, Isabel Adomakoh Young as Orlando, Alex Austin as Jaques, Jessica Alade as Phoebe, Tessa Parr as Touchstone, Stephaie Jacob as Adam/Corin, Tonderai Munyevu as Duke Senior, Dale Rapley as Duke Frederick and Emmanuel Akwafo as Amiens.

Tickets for As You Like It at Shakespeare’s Globe On Sale Now

This playful, joyous story is one of Shakespeare’s most popular, and in this new production feels revitalised and more liberating than ever before. Journey into the Forest of Arden and delight in what - and who - you find with As You Like It this year.

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Performance dates:
28 Oct 2023 - 29 Oct 2023
Running time:
2 hours and 50 minutes including an interval.
Age recommendation:
No age recommendation has been set. See Audience Notes for content warnings.

As You Like It Reviews

47 Reviews
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  • 1 Stars9%

User Reviews

This was a Relaxed Matinee - though I suspect it wasn't very different from an ordinary matinee apart from the introduction. It was a fun queer take on the play and had good performances - though one or two of the voices were not powerful enough for Read more

Performance date: 28 September 2023

This show is fantastic. The costumes, the songs, the dances, the actors everything was fantastic! The leads were brilliant in their portrayal of Rosaline and Orlando and the ensemble were also so fun to watch and enhanced this story. If you can absol Read more

Performance date: 08 October 2023

The characters were entertaining and the use of more modern musical arrangements brought it to life and made it appealing for younger people-though I found it very enjoyable myself as an over 60!

Performance date: 06 September 2023
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