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Julius Caesar hero image
Julius Caesar hero image

    Julius Caesar Tickets

    Shakespeare’s thrilling Roman tragedy confronts the modern political landscape in a new production from director Diane Page.

    Shakespeare’s startling, timely political thriller

    The Globe Theatre becomes a cunning political arena in a new production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. This enduringly popular tragedy is as relevant as ever, and promises to cast a new light on the modern political landscape.

    When Cassius and Brutus decide that Roman leader Julius Caesar is a threat to the country, they conspire to assassinate him. As all parties scramble to justify their actions and play for public favour, Mark Antony turns the mob against the conspirators.

    Shakespeare's Julius Caesar play has been performed around the world in many contexts, and in this new production develops like a modern political thriller. Director Diane Page brings the tale of conspiracy, manipulation and revolution to the Globe Theatre, with the ancient Roman tale feeling incredibly familiar and timely

    The Julius Caesar cast includes Charlotte Bate as Cassius, Anna Crichlow as Brutus, Dickon Tyrell as Julius Caesar, Samuel Oatley as Mark Antony, Cash Holland as Portia/Murellus, Amie Francis as Calpurnia, Omar Bynon as Decius/Soothsayer and Jack Myers as Casca/Otavius.

    Prepare to be challenged and moved with Julius Caesar tickets. This exciting new production plays out political ambition in the open air of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre this summer.

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    Performance dates:
    09 Sep 2022 - 10 Sep 2022
    Running time:
    2 hours and 30 minutes including an interval.
    Age recommendation:
    Audience Notes:
    This production contains depictions of war, self-harm and suicide. Violence, stage blood and weapons including guns and knives are featured throughout.
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