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National Theatre - Olivier
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National Theatre - Olivier Capacity

The National Theatre - Olivier London has a capacity of 1127 seats. Section capacities are 609 Stalls and 518 Circle. Use our interactive seating plan to view 3064 seat reviews and 2488 photos of views from seat.

Clear views are available from almost every seat, with a variety of angles available due to the shape of the auditorium.

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National Theatre - Olivier Seating Plan

Good value seats

The National Theatre offers an excellent Entry Pass scheme for under 25's, allowing tickets to be bought at £5. Seats bought on this scheme are usually located towards the front and offer sensational views of the stage. Alternatively, sit in the rear or at the far sides of the Stalls for a completely unobstructed view of the stage, which may only be at a slight angle.

Premium seats

The best seats in the theatre are located in the centre of the Stalls, facing the stage head-on. Sit towards the front of the Stalls to feel entirely immersed in the action, or towards the rear for a more panoramic view of the large stage. Seats are similarly priced due to great views throughout.

Recent Audience Photos

Stalls C16

callume13 6' 1", 37 reviews, 1 helpful vote

This is such an amazing view and I’m confused to why this was called a restricted view, because my eye line was on top of the stage. The back of the seat was uncomfortable as they have a very low back. The legroom was good but somewhat cramped wit... More

Saw The Witches The Witches on 25 November 2023

Stalls J56

ailidhmack 5' 2", 17 reviews

Seat comfortable with a very good amount of legroom. Seats nicely staggered with a great rake so I got a fantastic view despite being at the far side. Being so far to the side means you get a bit more of a side view of the video projections but yo... More

Saw The Witches The Witches on 23 November 2023

Circle E13

allders33 5' 7", 7 reviews

A great seat given how cheap it was! The rake is brilliant so even with a really tall gentleman in front who kept shifting and leaning forward, I still didn’t miss anything. Great view of the whole stage and could see facial expressions. Got a gre... More

Saw The Witches The Witches on 23 November 2023

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