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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse
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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Capacity

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse has a capacity of 353 seats.Use our interactive seating plan to view 147 seat reviews and 141 photos of views from seat.

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse is a compact venue with three levels, the Pit, Lower Gallery and Upper Gallery. There is a small gallery behind the stage which is sometimes on sale to theatregoers and the back two rows of the Upper Gallery are standing spaces. Each section comprises benched seating, arranged on three sides of the stage. In both Galleries, there are pillars in front of and to the side of some seats which restrict the view. The Upper Gallery is also quite steep, so you will be looking directly down. However, in a venue this intimate you are unlikely to feel disconnected from the performance.

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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Seating Plan

Good value seats

The Upper Gallery has very cheap seats which are actually standing spaces. These are not suitable for anyone under 4ft and you may need to lean forward at times, but they are a good budget option. If you would rather sit down, the back row of the Lower Gallery is particularly good value because you can lean on the wall behind.

Premium seats

The best views at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse are in the Pit, facing head-on to the stage. Actors often enter and exit down the aisles so these are the best seats for feeling completely immersed in the magic of a candlelit performance.

Recent Audience Photos

Playhouse Lower Gallery A13

jbrown15 5' 11", 203 reviews, 6 helpful votes

A great central view, unrestricted. Enough legroom, there is now seat to your right so there's a bit of extra space for your belongings, though this seat is not an aisle seat. Seating is a cushioned bench with no back so not the most comfortable f... More

Saw The Winter's Tale The Winter's Tale on 07 April 2023

Playhouse Pit D21

catherine9 5' 9", 87 reviews, 3 helpful votes

It's not a comfortable theatre due to its authentic wooden benches, but this seat was great. There was lots of legroom because this row is longer than the row in front, so you mostly have the aisle/stairs in front of you, and you're right next to... More

Saw The Winter's Tale The Winter's Tale on 02 April 2023

Playhouse Lower Gallery C1

MartinZ 5' 7", 88 reviews, 2 helpful votes

This seat is space at the end of a padded bench with wooden back and side. No real room for coat or bags but the venue has a cloakroom. I did use my coat to pad the back wall. Row in front at foot level so try not to kick the person in front. A... More

Visited 20 March 2023

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