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Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet hero image
Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet hero image
Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet hero image

Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet Tickets

Leicester Square Theatre

The drunken fringe-theatre phenomenon is back – this time with Hamlet. See Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy like never before at the Leicester Square Theatre, as each night member of this professional ensemble will be selected to get intoxicated before the show – leaving their fellow cast-mates to navigate around with hilarious results.

Shit-Faced Shakespeare returns to London in 2023. Book now for Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing.

Foul language, outrageous behaviour, possible vomiting and…Shakespeare? A mix that has taken the fringe theatre world by storm thanks to Shit-Faced Shakespeare, who now take on their biggest challenge yet; Hamlet.

After touring the world and winning much acclaim (as well as derision from the more uptight critics), the team behind Shit-Faced Shakespeare bring their unique take on the bard to the Leicester Square Theatre in what promises to be a raucous night of laughs. In each performance of Hamlet, one of these professionally trained Shakespearean actors will be selected to get carefully intoxicated over the four hours prior to curtain-up. The remaining sober thespians must take what is thrown at them (sometimes literally) by their inebriated cohort.

“To drink, or not to drink?” – That is a question left up to the audience, who will enjoy some interaction over when the plastered player must down another beverage. The now-iconic tin bucket will be granted to one audience member each night, just in case the aforementioned sloshed star feels the need to project a soliloquy that’s slightly more solid in nature...

It’s silly, it’s crass, it’s unpredictable and it’s absolutely hilarious. This is a night out to remember (for all but one particular person involved) and perfect for a rowdy night out with mates, so be sure to get down to the Leicester Square Theatre for a riotously fun time with Shit-Faced Shakespeare - just be sure to visit the bar first.

Performance dates:
13 Sep 2019 - 14 Sep 2019
Running time:
1 hour and 10 minutes.
Age recommendation:
Recommended 16+
Audience Notes:
This is a great one to see as a group, perhaps to kick-start a stag or hen do. Anyone with a robust sense of humour who enjoys a tipple will have a good laugh at Shit-Faced Shakespeare’s tipsy take on Hamlet.

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User Reviews


I didn’t know what to expect from the show but it was a bit strange at points. I loved the fact that one of the cast were drunk during the performance. And that they were trying to keep trying to construct on Hamlet but kept getting diverted.

Performance date: 28 August 2019

This show is completely different every time you see it depending on which actor is drinking. Very funny with lots of improvisation.

Performance date: 05 September 2019
Performance date: 28 August 2019
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