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The Mongol Khan Tickets

Delve into the incredible history and culture of Mongolia in this breathtaking display of dance, costumes and puppetry.

The Mongol Khan Tickets: An Epic Spectacle

Journey through the vibrant history and culture of Mongolia in The Mongol Khan at the London Coliseum. This exhilarating show invites audiences to delve into the fascinating evolution of the country, in a lavish and multisensory display of puppetry and dance.

About The Mongol Khan Show

2000 years ago. A brutal battle for succession threatens the Empire’s stability. As the Khan struggles to maintain his position, a plot of betrayal and deceit is born that will change the balance of power forever.

Mongolia’s leading theatre company visits the UK for the first time to share this mesmerising production, inspired by the nomadic customs of the Hunnic Empire.

With a stunning original score, dance and puppetry performed by an ensemble of over 70, The Mongol Khan is a breathtaking introduction to a country as rich in culture as it is in stunning landscapes and tradition. Its UK premiere also celebrates 60 years of Anglo-Mongolian cultural exchange.

The Mongol Khan: The History of a Nomadic State

The Mongol Khan is a deeply enriching work that explores the customs, dilemmas and history of nomadic philosophy. Taking a deep dive into Mongolia’s past is fascinating: the Great Khans of the nomadic state are said to have introduced the world to free trade, taxes, and freedom to practice religious and spiritual beliefs.

Book tickets to see this show live in London and you will not just be entertained; you will be transported into a breathtaking world with rich history to discover.

The Mongol Khan Creative Team

This spectacular show is based on a 1998 three-part tragic play The State Without a Seal by “People’s Writer of Mongolia” B Lkhagvasuren. It was restaged in 2002 by acclaimed Mongolian director Hero Baatar, and was a sensation: for the first time in the country’s 90-year theatrical history, a show sold out at the venue in Ulaanbaatar for over a year.

It is adapted in an English translation by English historian John Man and acclaimed playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker, who is best known for her Tony Award-nominated play Our Country’s Good.

Don’t Miss Tickets for The Mongol Khan at London Coliseum

Get a taste of the art, culture and tradition that makes Mongolia one of the most breathtaking and captivating countries to visit in the world with The Mongol Khan. This incredible show is in London for a limited time only, and unlike anything else you will see all year.

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Performance dates:
01 Dec 2023 - 02 Dec 2023
Running time:
3 hours including an interval.
Age recommendation:
Best for age 12+

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