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    The Dress Circle comprises one block of seating with 12 rows from A to M. Row lengths vary from 12 to 28 seats, with no central aisle. Like the Stalls, the best legroom is likely to be found in seats at either end of rows.

    The Dress Circle is steeply raked, meaning views across the board should be elevated and free from too much restriction from patrons sitting in front. The best views of the stage are from central seats close to the front of the section, with prices reflecting this. Patrons sitting at the far sides, especially on the longer row A, may experience more restricted viewing angles.

    The Dress Circle has four Boxes to the sides of the main seating - A, B, C and F - offering two to three seats in each.

    SeatPlan’s best views of the stage

    Rows A to C in the Dress Circle are popular at most theatres and Trafalgar Theatre is no exception. Sitting in central seats here means patrons have a fantastic, comprehensive overhead view, which is especially good for large musicals with exciting sets and dance numbers.

    Best legroom seats

    Seats on the aisle offer the most extra legroom in the Dress Circle.


    There is no Bar in the Dress Circle, although one is located on the Foyer level, next to the Box Office.


    Male and female toilets are located at the back of the Dress Circle, up 9 steps. There are further toilets down in the Stalls level, although queues will be longer here due to Stalls audiences using them.

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