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    Blue Man Group Tickets

    Discover the weird and wonderful world of the blue men in this global sensation that has played Off-Broadway for over 25 years.

    See what the hype is about

    Discover the wonderful world of Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre, the iconic multi-sensory treat for all ages. This global sensation has been drawing audiences in for over 25 years, and promises a weird and wonderful night at the theater.

    Blue Man Group in New York is an ingenious show for all ages, as three men from another planet explore the wonders of life on Earth. Prepare to look at everyday objects in a completely different light as they turn PVC pipes into musical instruments, spew paint onto canvas with their mouths, and delight in the joy of creativity.

    Combining music, theater, performance and visual art - with not a single line of dialogue spoken - Blue Man Group Off-Broadway has been enjoyed by over 35 million people and won the Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience. Fans have returned again and again to this fantastically off-kilter show, and it is now a downtown staple that lives up to the hype.

    Their brilliantly blue, bald faces have become synonymous with kooky fun and wide-eyed amazement. Book Blue Man Group tickets at Astor Place Theatre for a show like no other.

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    Blue Man Group Tickets

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    From $57.00

    Rated Excellent
    Performance dates:
    28 Feb 2024 - 21 Apr 2024
    Running time:
    1 hour and 45 minutes.
    Age recommendation:
    Best for age 3+

    Show Times

    Monday - 7.00pm
    Tuesday - 7.00pm
    Wednesday - 7.00pm
    Thursday - 7.00pm
    Friday - 8.00pm
    Saturday 11.00am
    Sunday 2.00pm
    How Long is Blue Man Group?
    Blue Man Group running time is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    Matinee Shows
    Performances start at 11.00am and finish at 12.45pm or start at 2.00pm and finish at 3.45pm or start at 5.00pm and finish at 6.45pm.
    Evening Shows
    Performances start at 7.00pm and finish at 8.45pm or start at 8.00pm and finish at 9.45pm.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much are Blue Man Group NYC tickets?

    Prices for this show typically range from around $65 - $135, depending on availability and performance date.

    What are the most expensive tickets for Blue Man Group in New York?

    Premium seats cost around $135 and are located in the front Poncho section of the Orchestra, rows AA - DD. This section is excellent if you want as much interaction and immersion as possible at this fun show.

    From here, the Blue Men’s experiments and discoveries are right in front of you, and you may get splashed by bits of food and paint; it is called “Poncho” for a reason! Don’t worry, it will only be small splashes and the venue hand out ponchos before you sit down. There really is no better place to sit to experience the Blue Man Group in all their weird and wonderful glory.

    How can I get cheap tickets for Blue Man Group NYC?

    This is a very small theater so the best way to save money is by booking seats in the back half of the Orchestra such as KK104 or in the Mezzanine. The view is still very good so you will not feel like you are missing out on the fun.

    Tickets are usually the same price every day of the week, with no peak or off-peak options. This means you will not pay more to see the show at the weekend compared to midweek.

    Blue Man Group is sometimes on offer, with recent savings of up to $7 per ticket.

    What else would you like to know?

    If you have any questions about Blue Man Group in New York that we have not answered above, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to help. You can email them at
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