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The many incredible plays on Broadway prove that New York theater is not just about musicals. Broadway plays can range from powerful, moving dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies, classical theatre and experimental performances. Plays in NYC offer a wide range of artistic experiences.

Many of the world’s best actors are drawn to the Great White Way, so plays in New York often feature some of the biggest stars on Broadway. From Marlon Brando first rising to fame in the Broadway debut of A Streetcar Named Desire up until Daniel Craig’s recent turn as the title character in Macbeth, plays on Broadway attract all manner of talent.

Visitors to the Big Apple owe it to themselves to experience the world-class drama on offer. See our listing of plays currently on Broadway to book tickets for your next theatrical adventure. If you need a little more help deciding, check out our curated list of the Best Plays on Broadway for top picks from the SeatPlan team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plays do not include songs throughout the show in the same way that musicals do. For musicals, songs are used to convey plot points and often replace dialogue. This is not the case in plays, in which all dialogue tends to be spoken rather than sung. This does not mean that all plays are strictly naturalistic. There are many different styles of play, but typically they do not incorporate music tin the same way musicals do.
Plays vary greatly in length. Some, particularly those aimed at very young audiences, will only run up to an hour. 90 minutes is quite a standard runtime for a play but many will run up to 2 or even 3 hours. Unabridged productions of Shakespeare plays can be 3 hours or longer.
This usually depends on the length of the play. Many plays up to 90 minutes will run straight through without an intermission. Plays that are closer to 2 hours or more will usually include an intermission for audience comfort.

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