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Broadway Shows For Kids

Book the best Broadway shows for kids and create amazing theatrical memories with your whole family. Kids' shows in NYC are some of the finest examples of family entertainment available anywhere, and with most shows offering multiple Broadway matinees every week, it is very easy to introduce children to the excitement of live theater.

Introducing your children to the magic of theater is a truly rewarding experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Spectacular stage adaptations of their favorite animated films or other familiar stories help them to understand how unique and compelling theater can be. Broadway kids shows are fuel for the imagination.

As the summer break gets underway, Broadway shows in July and August offer the best entertainment for young audiences, including dazzling live versions of beloved Disney films and the long-awaited sequel to the most successful children’s book series of all time. The true beauty of these productions is that they are not just for kids. Adults will be equally enchanted by the incredible sets, costumes and performances. These family-friendly Broadway shows will be talked about in your house many years after you have seen them.

4 Shows in New York

The Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King on Broadway

Disney’s breath-taking musical brings the Serengeti to vivid and vibrant life, with unforgettable puppetry and score. Best for age 6+.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

You are invited to return to the Wizarding World, populated by incredible stagecraft and spellbinding characters. Best for age 10+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Broadway appropriate for kids?

Yes, Broadway is appropriate for kids, so long as you choose the right show. Some Broadway shows tackle very adult themes and may have confronting content aimed at adults. It is important to choose a show that was created with families in mind. All the shows listed above are suited for children but be sure to check the age recommendations before booking.

What age is recommended for shows on Broadway?

Broadway theaters do not permit children under 4. The recommended age varies from show to show. For example, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is recommended for ages 10+ as it contains some frightening scenes. Disney’s The Lion King is recommended for ages 6+. Children aged 4-5 will be permitted but may struggle to pay attention for the full 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Do Broadway kids shows include intermissions?

Musicals such as Wicked and Aladdin include intermissions as they run for over 2 hours. Some shows created specifically for younger children may not include intermissions, but these will usually have shorter runtimes, up to an hour. All our production pages include runtime and whether the production includes an intermission, so be sure to check this before booking.

What are the best Broadway shows for teens?

Shows that are popular with teenagers include the UK megahit Six the Musical, in which the wives of Henry VIII tell their own story in a girl-powered pop concert. Late-high schoolers who are sick of studying Shakespeare will appreciate & Juliet, an alternative take on the famous love-story that sends Juliet off on her own adventure, filled with hit pop songs. Some mature language makes this a show for older teens.
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