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Astor Place Theatre, New York
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Astor Place Theatre Capacity

The Astor Place Theatre New York has a capacity of 281 seats.Use our interactive seating chart to view 3 seat reviews and 3 photos of views from seat.

Astor Place Theatre is an intimate Off-Broadway venue with seating on two levels, the Orchestra and Balcony. In the Orchestra, the front four rows are called the Poncho zone. As the name suggests, the venue hands out ponchos for this section - the Blue Man Group use paint, water, jello, mashed bananas and more in their routine and it can get messy!

The theater’s layout guarantees a great view from every seat, but legroom can be tight. If you prefer to be immersed in the action, sit close up, but you can still enjoy every minute of the show if you choose to sit further away.

Venue Overview

Astor Place Theatre in New York is best known as the long-term home of the iconic Blue Man Group, but its building dates back as far as 1831. Over the course of a century, it has transformed from the home of prominent Gilded Age families to a successful Off-Broadway theater hosting experimental new work. 

Formerly the home of the Vanderbilt and Astor families, Colonnade Row’s striking Greek Revival townhouses, with marble columns lining the exterior, are thought to have been designed and built by Seth Greer. The intimate Astor Place Theatre sits inside this historic structure, which gained New York City Landmark status in 1963. 

East Village entrepreneur Bruce Mailman bought Astor Place Theatre in 1965, and one of its earliest successes was the premier of Israel Horovitz’s The Indian Wants the Bronx, starring then-newcomer Al Pacino. Over the next three decades, the theater grew its reputation as the go-to place to see new, experimental work from upcoming playwrights. Shows staged include Tom Eyen’s Women Behind Bars and Larry Shue’s The Foreigner

Since 1991, Astor Place Theatre has been the home of Blue Man Group. The company purchased the venue in 2001, and continues to play a popular residency at the theater to this day.

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Astor Place Theatre Seating Chart

Good Value Seats

The best value seats at Astor Place are in the middle or back rows of the Balcony. These are cheaper tickets, but the view from seat is still very impressive. You will have a great overview of all the weird and wonderful performances on stage without feeling far away.

Premium Seats

If you want to be completely immersed and even get some interaction with the performers, Rows AA - DD (the Poncho zone) are the best seats. If you prefer to sit a bit further back, the best views in Astor Place Theatre are from Balcony Rows A - B.

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