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Hudson Theatre, New York
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Hudson Theatre capacity

The Hudson Theatre has a capacity of 974 seats. Section capacities are 473 Orchestra, 258 Dress Circle and 243 Balcony. Use our interactive seating chart to view 138 seat reviews and 132 photos of views from seat.

Venue overview

The Hudson Theatre originally opened in 1903, with Ethel Barrymore starring in Cousin Kate. Built by producer Henry B. Harris, the venue’s ownership was taken on by his wife after his death on the RMS Titanic in 1912. After stretches as an adult movie theater and a rock club, the building was granted landmark status in 1987 and spent many years as a hotel conference venue. It was restored to a fully operating theater after the Ambassador Theatre Group purchased the venue in 2015.

At the time of its opening, the Hudson Theatre’s 100-foot lobby was the largest seen on Broadway. With Greco-Roman motifs and Tiffany glass accents, the original theater was a stunning example of elegance that has only been improved by ATG’s more recent renovations to enhance legroom and patron facilities.

Notable productions at the Hudson Theatre include Man and Superman (1905) and Becket (1961), which was later adapted into a film starring Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton. Its inaugural show after re-opening under the Ambassador Theatre Group’s management was Sunday in the Park with George starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

With a capacity of around 1,000, the Hudson Theatre comprises three main levels. The ground-floor Orchestra is the largest, with around 500 seats across Left, Center and Right. Views are generally very good here, with plenty of legroom. There are also some excellent views in the Dress Circle, especially in the Center block of seats. Further back, this section’s good rake keeps views clear and not too distant. The Balcony is more cramped and distant, although sightlines remain better than average.


• Step-free from the street to accessible seats
• The elevator serves the Dress Circle and lower lounge
• Coat check is $2 per item; larger luggage is not accepted
• Two full-service bars across the Orchestra and Dress Circle
• Bag check may be in operation; leave plenty of time to reach your seat

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Hudson Theatre Seating Chart

Good value seats

There are plenty of good value seats at the Hudson Theatre, mainly in rows E to L in the Orchestra and rows D to F in the Center Dress Circle. These seats are further back, but enjoy a clean view of the stage with plenty of legroom to stay comfortable. The Balcony is also a good bet for anyone on a budget.

Premium seats

The best seats at the Hudson Theatre are in rows D to K of the Center Orchestra, which are set at a perfect distance to take in the whole stage without feeling uncomfortably close. The front few rows of the Center Dress Circle are also premium, and are popular among patrons wanting an overhead position from which to enjoy the full sweep of the stage.

Recent audience views

Balcony C11

katrinabaiocchi 6 reviews
Hudson Theatre Balcony C11 view from seat photo

Very little leg room, every time I tried to readjust my legs I was bumping into either the people next to me or the seats in front of me. At one point the guy behind me hit my head with his knee accidentally. It cut off a bit of stage right but for the... More

Saw Plaza Suite Plaza Suite on 22 March 2022


0 votes

Balcony C9

laurenbridwell 3 reviews
Hudson Theatre Balcony C9 view from seat photo

I’m 5’7” and it was a good seat to me. The balcony is VERY steep, which is great for the view, but could make others sensitive. If you got much taller (longer femurs), you’d run a risk of having your knee in the back of someone’s head. I’d recommend man... More

Saw Plaza Suite Plaza Suite on 22 March 2022


0 votes

Balcony A14

doubledreviews 5' 11", 80 reviews
Hudson Theatre Balcony A14 view from seat photo

For Plaza Suite, the third act has a lot of action on stage left, so if you're all the way over, you'll likely miss some of it. Other than that, the leg room is good, but if you're afraid of heights, might recommend sitting downstairs or even up a few... More

Saw Plaza Suite Plaza Suite on 07 March 2022


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