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The Encounter on Broadway hero image
The Encounter on Broadway hero image
The Encounter on Broadway hero image

    The Encounter on Broadway Tickets

    Riveting, experimental, The Encounter takes viewers on a visual and aural journey at the Golden Theatre, complimented by state-of-the-art audio technology. Simon McBurney gives a bravura one-man performance that tells the story of legendary National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre’s experience of being lost among native tribes in the Javari Valley, Brazil.

    You will never see another show like The Encounter, which combines state-of-the-art audio technology with a bravura solo performance from Simon McBurney to create a truly immersive experience at the Golden Theatre.

    Each seat is equipped with headphones that must be worn throughout the show, which may seem strange at first but is essential for receiving the full impact of this innovative production. Throughout the show, a real-time soundscape is created – much of it by McBurney himself – that is at times disorientating, at times intriguing, and always surprising.

    Inspired by Petru Popescu’s book Amazon Beaming, the story - told in a completely non-traditional fashion - re-tells the story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre, who in 1969 found himself lost in the remote Javari Valley in Brazil and had a life-changing encounter with the indigenous tribal people of the region. In telling this story, McBurney brings some startling questions about consciousness, community and modern life into focus.

    This unique, once-in-a-generation show, from renowned British company Complicité, has enjoyed a whirlwind tour of the world since 2015 and is now ready to open the minds of a whole new audience at the Golden Theatre.

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    Performance dates:
    20 Sep 2016 - 08 Jan 2017
    Running time:
    1 hour and 45 minutes.
    Age recommendation:
    Audience Notes:
    Anyone interested in truly unique theatre and shows that push technical boundaries to create immersive experiences.
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